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Should I text my ex again even though I know he’s not a good person?

I been dealing with this guy off and on for almost a year and right now we aren’t talking because of something that was said. He left me on read and is ignoring me. I know he’s not a good person like he’s pretty abusive but like that’s the only person I have to talk to. He’s my first everything and I don’t ever wanna let him go.

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  • Sea
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    1 year ago

    It's difficult at best when a relationship goes bad, when someone causes you pain, alienates you, plays games to confuse you it's usually better if you stop texting them.

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  • Janet
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    1 year ago

    What you are saying is that even if something makes your hurt, you are attached and don't want to face "withdrawal symptoms" of breaking up .. so you stay with him.

    That's like eating rotten chicken, vomiting, and then eating it again the next day .. and the day after ... and the day after ....

    I understand being afraid to be alone, but until one IS comfortable being alone ... liking their own company and not being afraid of life .. until then, we will NOT attract or be attracted to anyone we CAN make love with work.

    And in the meantime, NO single person is enough for all of our psychological needs.

    Whether you stay with him or not, you MUST make some friends. Take evening classes ... or join a group that pursues an interest of yours.

    And for your own sake, you need to leave him. And learn to like yourself.

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  • 1 year ago

    I can relate, but only to repeat and rehash the same ol' things.. He will still be abusive.

    My ex was like that.. Leopards don't change their Spots

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