Went from being with my girlfriend everyday living together to now just 1-2x a week?

So me and my girlfriend of 4 years use to be with each other staying together everyday. Then she caught me doing something and she moved her things out back to her dad and after that we only started seeing each other 1-2x a week.

We would text everyday still though, but I just don’t know. What does it really mean when it transitions like that? We have a mutual friend who heard about our situation and she asked my gf what’s the status between us after she caught me doing what I did and she basically told her “it is what it is”.

I’ve confronted her about it and she still tells me she loves me. But to go from being with each other everyday to 1-2x a week is just confusing to me and idk what I should do.

Is she just preparing herself to end the relationship? She told me she’s moving with her dad in a couple months to a different state.

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    2 years ago

    It sounds like whatever she caught you doing really hurt her feelings toward you. She might be waiting to see if they return, or she might know you're not the right guy for her and not know how to end it. Ask her if what you did was a dealbreaker. If it was, it's best for both of you to move on.

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