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Why are men naturally more confident than women?

Is it size, strength, hormones, wisdom, life experiences or all of them?

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    This is a really good question?

    Both men and women possess the basic same qualities

    That is to say both feminine and masculine attributes

    This does not mean a weakness on either part

    From an early age boys have a tendency to show more confidence in taking risk without thinking of immediate consequences

    A girl can do the same thing but may have more of a tendency to think things out a little more

    It's at puberty when things really take on a different set of values

    boys have more testosterone in their system at this time it gives them a sense or feeling of confidence and cockiness That's essential to masculinity

    Girls on the other hand girls have more estrogen in their body this gives her a strength but also a protective instinct that makes them more cautious and more instinctively protective

    Not this is not absolute and every individual is different

    The Bible says that women are like fine Crystal strong but delicate

    Men can be liken to a pot rough on the outside but useful

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    Because society pressures us to be more confident.

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    Well, I don't think that's true. I've met plenty of men who lacked confidence.

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    Men historically had to take the leading role; it was the women who were the ones pregnant for 9 months and giving birth, and nurturing the offspring. Hunter/gatherer societies. Look at surviving primitive tribes existing today; it's the men gathering the food, and the women raising and nurturing the offspring.

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  • Elana
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    I think the hormone testosterone naturally makes men more prone to taking risks. Evolutionarily, it makes sense.


    For millions of years, hominids have depended on the male to defend the family/tribe/pod. It takes more women to maintain and grow the numbers of individuals in the species, so if you're going to produce males and females in more or less equal numbers, clearly males are going to end up being more disposable - and indeed they are treated as such with humans:

    Youtube thumbnail

    One effect of disposability is that society discourages the less disposable people from undergoing risk while encouraging disposable people (in this case, men). We encourage boys to be more aggressive because we have needed more aggressive people defending us.

    Yes, more aggressive people get killed. That's a major problem if you are trying to reproduce the species and you have just killed off a womb, but not much of a problem with men as long as you have a few producing billions of sperm.

    If sperm became hard to come by, the species would either fail or the attitude towards male disposability (and men's assumption of risk) would change.

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    I didn't know they were more confident

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Because they dont get pressure or harshly judged for everything like women

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    Confident in what? My wife is way more intelligent than me in many areas.

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    All of them. There is too much pressure on men than women.

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