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Physics question involving spring launching box up a ramp?

A 3.5 kg box is launched up a ramp (23.6 deg. from the horizontal) from a spring (k=511.8 N/m) that was compressed by 0.7 m. How far does the box go up the ramp before stopping? Assume a coefficient of friction = 0.2.

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    energy theory

    The spring energy will be converted to gravity potential energy and friction work

    ½kx² = mgh + Ffd

    ½kx² = mgdsinθ + μm(gcosθ)d

    ½kx² = mgd(sinθ + μcosθ)

    d = kx² / 2mg(sinθ + μcosθ)

    d = (511.8)0.7² / 2(3.5)(9.8)(sin23.6 + 0.2cos23.6)

    d = 6.263...

    d = 6.3 m as measured from the compressed spring starting point.

    I hope this helps

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