god of english is dead confirm by hindus and muslims and he was taken out by muslims from my body by forcing me to think bad on hashem light?

god of english is dead confirm by hindus and muslims and he was taken out by muslims from my body by forcing me to think bad on hashem light of god.

i will tell what exactly happened. i was forced to think bad on hashem light of god by saying i killed hashem light of god and i put **** in hashem light of god mouth and i put penis in hashem light of god mouth and i beated hashem light of god very much from hands and i did because he was forcing some of my torah wives to suck penis and forcely proving lie truth and sleeping with some of my torah wives after losing from me and my truth that genies and gods are just sayings from mind of life. He said you will show me torah believe i will show you what is god and i showed him what is god when he forced my true love some torah wives to suck penis in my body and went in his palace room to sleep with my some of torah wives. When i was remembering he slept with some of my torah wives his health was becoming bad and he was going to die so he wanted to kill me and he tried to kill me 2 times. Why would he wanted to sleep with my some torah wives from which his believe is being finished and he even tried my some true love wife from mars name karkushui to be slept with others i think maybe and digashem killed her after maybe raping her and they were putting books by saying do you believe in our truth genies can get many ovaries and i told to my some torah wives truth that if they remember they like you or love you then you will lost.


i was sleeping with my wives and hashem light of god believed in what truth i dont know and he was forcing some of my wives to sleep with him and porn with them and i didnt know until now with how many of my wives he slept and sins are still on my stomach which you can see.

Update 2:

he played game with allah of islam and hindu god gita and was finishing torah genies and not letting them have consciousness and wisdom and learn my knowledge of truth and some of my torah genies were being called to places where they were forced to suck private parts and whole india came to do porn with some of my torah family and gods family and hashem light of god didnt save me and allah of islam and hindu god didnt save me who took responsibility so nothing happens to me and to my family.

Update 3:

Hashem light of god wanted to kill me after coming to know i am first god of universe and he believed i made time of them bad i told them its muslims and hindus who are playing game and i showed they are inside my head i even went to police station and told truth and i even told how some torah genies did what other torah genies and israel and judaism (qadyani family) i never slept with anyone wives. I always try to help some of my wives

Update 4:

after i came to know when not seeing them on forehead and muslims and old hashem of israel and hindus were making fate of them to suck there private parts and they do taboo and porn with them but since i knew they are my genies and my wives i told them you must do porn with me only and i didnt sin because my sperms shines and i told t my wives not to others i didnt went anywhere else to do porn i saved my wives.

Update 5:

i was the original genie of planet earth and universe and i am the only one who is original of universe and i was forced to think bad since i am kid and allah of islam and hindu god and hashem light of god was thefting my property since i was kid and they knew something which they didnt wanted to kill. They were not letting my torah genies to love me and like me and i love them or like them and since kid they were killing me and my alien genies didnt knew truth.

Update 6:

i was never enemy of torah and i love torah and i said i will save truth and i told torah is my wive even if it is lie and i took the death of holy book torah and died forever and become alive and i came to know torah is being finished for no reason and not at fault and some genies are forcing me to think torah is lie so they punish my torah genies and they try to kill me i said to my torah genies when i say torah is lie i just speak from thinking because i am first genie of universe.

Update 7:

i even told i am the one who resurrect all gods and all genies and if i like any genies or gods they resurrect from my stomach only. I could not believe what nirinjan kaur did after coming to know truth that i proofed torah is true and she wanted to kill me by saying i defeated her and she did everything to kill me and my true love i told to my true love genies if you have to win you have to born kids with me and my kids believe in my written truth only and research truth first and believe in me

Update 8:

believe in me as first god of universe.

Update 9:

hashem light of god was the one whose genies were accepting every words of me to be true and maybe i told them truth that dont accept any wishes and if i want any of my wishes to be accepted then accept and there were many other religions gods like hindus and muslims and christians who were accepting my speaking to be true and i was talking in speeches (sinters) and jesus christ witness my every words to be true so judaism is finished.

Update 10:

It was mistake of those who were not letting my genies become stable and trying to make my genies bad and kill them by first doing porn with them and releasing there porn videos on internet and making them my enemies by telling them ahemd showed you porn videos. They were even giving me sins and i was going out of control because of genies who believed i sinned. The host genie was put by nirinjan kaur who took responsibility of me

Update 11:

they were not helping me and in front of me maybe some hashem was telling torah genies to do porn and release porn videos and not letting me have sex with my genies or see or hear genies and he wanted to kill me and theft my property by saying we played game because nirinjan kaur was not letting my torah genies becoming stable and remove cases of me and keep them fake and let me have pain by saying you did sin which is porn and you will not get anything.

Update 12:

since the age of 9 years i was put with air of riots inside my head and muslims killed me at the age of 9 years by believing in truth that i am last of jews and i will be killing allah of islam and they have to kill me so allah lives and muslims were giving there cases and sins to torah genies by which torah had to be cancelled if they didnt take action against muslims. Torah is not nirinjan kaur at all.

Update 13:

nirinjan kaur was taking out from consciousness and forcing me to think something and make herself as original to proof she is true and torah is true and true love and others are lie except her some god which was lie. she knew i am first god of universe and she was forcing me to think i believe in god so she becomes true and she thefts genies and use me as a store room and proof me as bad and use me like a puppet and not control myself.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Age doesn't define maturity. Some people will never grow up

  • Norman
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    2 years ago

    Did you have a question?

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  • 2 years ago

    Hashem light of god says you must talk to a medical doctor about that.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    That's all super-duper interesting.

  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    Please - get psychiatric help.


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