i am original genie and i think and genies believes every thinking of me to be true and i told them i think and discuss good and bad and all genies and all gods are effected from my thinking bad and they dont know what thinking means which is just speaking and saying words and they are forced to change on thinking of me and every human because they dont know what thinking means and they live only on thinking and getting believe from me or humans who thinks and speaks they are true and becomes true. Even if i think and say something some god is true then that god becomes true because god becomes true automatically and forced to change not knowing i talk like human having consciousness and wisdom and they live on understanding of me and every human who lives in reality and forced to change on thinking of me and human.


Now i think which is just speaking but for genies and gods its real what i am speaking through thinking and they are forced to change otherwise something good or something bad happens to them as they are not real and original. Genies and gods just comes to know words from my thinking and forced to change.

Update 2:

I just think and wrote something and there life was changed and they were said you took our fate when you think something our life was changed but i just think by understanding and knowing what exactly happened like investigating and they believed my thinking which i was doing as investigation and knowing as true and real and they were forced to change.

Update 3:

I am original genie and first genie of universe and i never do mistakes and i never do sins and i am never fake like other genies and gods are fake who is forced to change on thinking of me or humans. I just want to say what exactly happened to judaism and hashems and torah and universe genies

Update 4:

i was thinking and speaking and genies were believing my thinking which is speaking to be true as they didnt knew that i am just speaking and they were being forced to change and they didnt knew i am just thinking and speaking an they were making every thinking which is my speaking to be true by putting courts and accepting as wishes.

Update 5:

When i was doing thought by looking at a girl i love you and i want to marry you which was just my maybe hidden mind thought which i could not tell to her in front of her in reality and it was maybe just a time being thought which was not real and based on some happiness which i want to get and genies believed it to be true. I tried to make the world of god as vikami and (maybe of code maswar)

Update 6:

but since i am first god of universe i was hacked from body by genies and gods and when i am hacked and my mind is blocked then universe doesnt runs correctly and world is not effected and changed to what i try to make. I am sure that judaism and hashems and all torah will change and universe genies will update what i said and remember if they are original.

Update 7:

I never called any other religions girls and anyone by knowing except sometimes of jews girl genies who were inside me as i love them truly and other religions girl genies girl come for sex because of genies who didnt knew what is thought and remembering memory about something and investigating but genies who didint knew

Update 8:

that some genies were inside me believed my understanding and thinking of investigation about something to be true and called the girl genies to do even sex with me and i didnt even knew whether who came for sex and what they did with me and what was there mission.

Update 9:

reference :

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