i am not muslim and muslims are inside me forcely they know truth why i prayed on there religious place now they are not leaving?

muslims are not leaving from my body because they know they will die and caught by other muslims of the world and other religions who will come to know truth about them. if anybody wants original muslims and fake muslims from me please come and take it but first tell to muslims or there kaba that i wrote truth here that muslims are not mine and i am not muslim and i am not responsible for muslims to stay in my body without asking. I dont want muslims in my body and i never did sex with them and neither seen them or heard them please ask them to leave and if they dont leave then take muslims from my body and kill them. I am not muslim they forcely prove i am muslim and because of them my property and fate is thefted and other religions says i sinned and something. I am not muslim i witness truth as being god and allah of islam has not made me god because i am god since the beginning of universe and when i went outside a muslim man licked my chest for no reason i didnt understood. Since i am god i will finish muslims if they dont listened to me after knowing truth. If any muslims wants to know truth please know truth from those who knows truth and ask them to leave me and never come back. I want muslims to be finished.



i didnt married to saleha or turkiya or any muslim please update officially worldwide angels of old one god of time and genies of gods. I am never muslim even if i say i was muslim then also i am not muslim. They try to change fate and prove something which is in fate of jews. I am last of jews and jews wants to finish me and leave me and they already killed many of my genies and making life bad of my genies and they thefted many property from me.

Update 2:

i dont think bad but muslims tries to do sex with me and force me to think bad please take away muslims from my body i give everyone for free who are original muslims and fake muslims. I hate the name of muslims and allah of islam and i am enemy of muslims.

3 Answers

  • 2 years ago

    You people sure know how to make up lies.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    So Islam still sucks?

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    What a pile of inarticulate garbage.

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