Does any one besides corsair make a lap table?

Corsair makes a lap table that allows you to used the mouse and keyboard while siting on a couch. Are there any other options on the market

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  • Don
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    2 years ago
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    I made my own lap table. You can get a piece of wood about 1/2" thick, 30" wide and 7" or 8" deep then make sure you smooth the surface and paint or varnish it. I use it for the keyboard/mouse combo for whichever computer I am using at the time.You could narrow it by a couple of inches if necessary but be careful you need it at least 2" wider than the keyboard plus mousepad so that they don't slide over the edges.

    By using this lapboard and a wireless keyboard/mouse combo I now have a laptop that sits on my desk and my hands have never touched any button on the laptop except the power on button and laptop is now 4 years old. Ironically my 3 desktops sit on the floor under my desk and I use the same keyboard/lapboard combo while I sit here in my recliner.

  • 2 years ago

    you could try looking up lap table on annazon, they sell everything that exists

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