What should I do? Please help me?

back-story of the situation:

- so around a couple of months back, I was strolling around my friends twitter and for fun I use to message random people. Doing so, I came across this gorgeous girl. So, since she had her Snapchat username in her bio I figured why not add her. So I did and she added me back. So after a week or so, she posted a selfie and I some how gained the courage to message her and give her a compliment and she responded with a “thank you :)”... couple days later she posted another selfie and I hit her with one of my best compliment and she responded well... she threw in a conversation starter and so on.. until she asked how’d I added her... and I told her through Twitter she then asked for my Twitter... but again I was using my friends twitter... I myself had a Twitter back in senior year of high school (I’m a college sophomore) so I had to figure out my password and all that stuff. Be advice, it had an old profile pic of me and old Tweets. So then I added her and gave her my username. She responded back by saying she couldn’t find my Twitter and all that stuff (a big red dot shows up in the message box) so I knew she was lying. So I figured she must be showing her friends or what not my profile...

Minutes later... she unfollowed me on Snapchat. I was a bit bitter and figured she judged me by my looks.. I’ll admit I need to losen a couple stones or two (go back to my weight (165), bulk up a bit)) so I guess it was my fault



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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    She sounds shallow. If she judged you merely by a picture, then she is truly not worth pursuing. If you do update, then do it for yourself and not for her or anyone else. She isn't the only gorgeous girl out there and she did not give you much of a chance. She could be a gold digger and a user and you sure don't need someone like that in your life. Forget about her, update whatever you want to, and then try again. Wouldn't it be comical if she saw the updates and showed interest in you - BUT I would say - thanks but no thanks.

  • 2 years ago

    I actually think ur plan is great, just be careful. No offense but she seems a little shallow. I do think u have a good plan tho. Good luck.

  • 2 years ago


    Now to the confusing part-

    She’s quite gorgeous and I really really not want to lose her ( not in a creepy way) she didn’t get to check out “college me” she judge my “high school me” there’s a difference between me back then and now... by the way, she’s a college freshman.

    Sooo knowing that I’m at my second strikeout... I’m willing to create a new Snapchat and possibly Twitter or instagram which ever is best to one day message her again hoping she won’t recognize me...

    I was going to be active and not instantly add her and message her with no followers or followings ... I was going to post pics and all that

    Should I do this? This is where I need your help

    I’m a not a terrible guy myself... I’m a college student, funny, tall 6’2, and I know something about fashion... gentleman fashion.

    Please help and throw in your opinions or ideas 🥴

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