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So . . I just wanted to know out of curiosity because I never heard of a natal chart and thought it be interesting and learning experience.?


Leo sun , Leo rising, Scorpio Moon, Leo in Venus.

Decode? And what type of people I m drawn to or attract ? I ve been quite intrigued by this thought lately , I m not entirely sure. I got all sorts of friends but only those I consider close most don t get along with I guess each other but I ve got an Aries, Cap, Scorp, and Virgo as my closest friends for years. What about you ?

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    Your question is valid, but the information is WAY too incomplete to make any comment on.

    Do up your natal chart, using the full birthdate and ALSO the EXACT minute-hour of birth, and the place of birth.

    The internet abounds with websites that do up natal charts for free.

    Then paste/link YOUR natal chart .. ask the same question and we will try to answer it.

    Astrologically, the type of person/relationship that we attract is indicated by “synastry aspects” between our planets and their planets, and we DO NOT use the signs these planets are in. All relationships indicated by two natal charts, will have some attraction and some discord between your needs and the other person’s needs.

    Your natal chart will indicate what YOU want out of a relationship. The kind of things in a relationship that you are looking from. Specifically, Moon, Venus, Mars, your 5th house and your 7th house, all indicate romantic/marital relationships. How well-aspected these factors are (vs. how badly-aspected they are) determines how well you function in relationships.

    Of course, since the natal chart is ONLY the influence we are born with, anyone can grow and overcome the negative influences seen in their birthchart.

    And all natal charts have born positive and negative aspects.

    Psychologically, our brain seeks out those whose subliminal unconscious signals indicate that they will trigger any unresolved pain from our own childhood. Because our brain unconsciously seeks out what it knows, what feels familiar .. even if it dysfunctional or even painful for us. This is why people who were beaten as a child end up with someone who turns out to be physically abusive. And why people who felt neglected as a child end up with someone who cannot commit or who ends up ignoring them in the marriage.

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    • Keanu1 year agoReport

      Not sure if this is the correct information plus other charts I was given or if the link works but

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  • You have very beautiful amazing placements. Must be a very cool person to be around.

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  • Anonymous
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    It be?

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