What phone service do you use and how much do you pay each month?

What phone service do you use and how much do you pay each month?

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  • 2 years ago
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    I have an iPhone 7 on a Sprint Plan. I get unlimited everything, the price is $100 per month.

  • 2 years ago

    I use Republic Wireless and I'm very happy with them.

    They don't make you sign a 2-year contract to get a 'free' phone (which, of course, is not free. You pay for it in the monthly service charge!) Instead you buy your phone (from them, or bring your own) and you pay by the month just for the service. I pay something like $25/month (taxes sometimes bring it up to $27 or so). That gets me 300 minutes a month, which is more than I ever use, plus 'unlimited' data ('unlimited' is in quotes because it actually means unlimited up to 5gb). With WiFi both speech and data are truly unlimited and free. But I'm 'grandfathered' under a previous plan. Today it's like $20/month for 300 min. and 1gb of data (something like that), and you pay extra for data, you buy it by the gigabyte.

    I just bought a new phone from them 3 weeks ago, a Motorola Moto E5 Play, which is the cheapest smartphone they offer, like $125. It doesn't have a lot of features that I wouldn't use anyway but it works just great. You might get an even better deal on a used phone on EBay or Craigslist. It has to be one they can connect to, and they have a list of acceptable models on their website.

    Republic has a feature where a single call can be switched over from the cellular network to WiFi and back. So if you make a call at home over WiFi and walk out the door, out of WiFi range, it switches to cellular automatically, and back to WiFi again if it becomes available. This allows you to maximize your use of WiFi.

    They use the Sprint network, like many smaller carriers do. Verison likes to advertise that the Sprint network doesn't cover as much territory as they do, but I find it works wherever I need it. Way out in the woods it doesn't get a good signal, but neither does Verison!


  • Dze
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    2 years ago

    i use straight talk and if i dont feel like a phone bill for a month i simply dont pay .. but 35 takes care of it ..

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