Animal burrow in my shed. What is it?

There is a large pile of rocks varying from pebble to golf ball size, in front of a hole in my shed. The shed has a dirt floor. Some of the rocks look too big for a mouse to move. There are also droppings all around the floor, that are mouse sized, but could be from another animal. I live in Louisville Kentucky. Any ideas as to what it could be?

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  • Fred
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    2 years ago

    Do they have pocket gophers in Kentucky? You mention no hole. The pocket gopher closes hole opening to keep moisture in and roots that it eats from drying and dying.

    Is it a raised mound? The pocket gopher ejects soil to keep the excavated tunnels open so it can travel them easily to eat growing roots.

    If you can gently probe the mound and find a soft spot that the gopher has plugged, open it and the pocket gopher will sense the opening by the drying effect of air and will return to the new opening and close it to increase humidity and support root growth.

    That done and the pocket gopher identified reopen the hole and insert trap to catch and remove gopher. I recommend 'chinch' traps.

    The pocket gopher does not (or rarely) leave burrow! So are droppings from additional mice? … also the pocket gopher leaves an OLIMIC turd compared to mice.

  • 2 years ago

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