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Kid won’t clean pet rabbits?

Got my daughter a bunny after she begged and pleaded, she promised she would keep it clean but she ends up leaving it filthy for long periods of time, an awful smell and I eventually end up cleaning it in the end. I’m afraid to get rid of the rabbit, my daughters one to hold a grudge and I’d have to listen to a month full of unbearable screeching and tantrums

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  • ArtB
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    1 year ago

    Find the rabbit a new home. Tell her she can have another one just as soon as she's old enough to pay the Vet bills and provide the food and water because YOU are done letting her neglect and ignore an animal under your roof.

    Let her hold her grudge. It beats letting her abuse an animal YOU provided to her.

  • 1 year ago

    YOU clean it! YOU'RE the adult - YOU should've known better. How was a kid supposed to realize how much disgusting work it is to keep up after a pet that sh*ts and p*sses all the time? YOU should've known that your poor kid might not be up to that kind of responsibility and that it would fall on you, the responsible adult to do it. Don't hate your kid - she didn't ask you to bring her into this horrible world. LOVE her and do the best you can to make her life a happy one. If you're miserable, you had no business effing around and bringing another human being into your miserable world.

    • The child is old enough ot clean the cage, she's too spoiled to. Since she's a spoiled brat the rabbits need to go

  • 1 year ago

    Lunch Time... yep its just chicken shut up and eat it...

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    WHAT???? you're one of those pathetic "parents" who lets their children run the house!!


    it's disgusting that you let that poor rabbit be abused like that.


    • The child is old enough to clean the rabbit cage and take basic care of it. Of course you think all kids shouldn't take care of thier pets and the parents need to do all the work

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  • 1 year ago

    i would just warn her, she needs to clean up or the bunnies will be going sonnewhere else

  • 1 year ago


    Tell your (obviously Spoiled) daughter that you will surrender this innocent animal to your animal shelter or She Will be Required to take better care if it.

    Source(s): She ^ is manipulating you - through this rabbit.
  • 1 year ago

    Force her to clean it. Don’t just politely ask. And monitor her while she does it to make sure she’s doing it right. If she later says she can’t handle all the cleaning, then ask her if she would like to find a new home for it.

  • Go through the cleaning process with her and tell her if she doesn't do it you’ll sell the rabbit. Keep your word about this as it is the rabbit who is suffering without being cleaned.

  • 1 year ago

    Be a parent for once. And also think of the poor rabbit, forced to live in its own filth with insufficient food and water.

    Find it a home, and take charge of your daughter. Sort out her tantrums now before she's let loose on the world to cause havoc. Horrible child.

    • adam1 year agoReport

      Horrible child? Horrible PARENT!

  • Eva
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    1 year ago

    Giving in because it's easier on you sest a terrible precedence for your daughter. It teaches her that if she whines long enough she can get anything she wants. Tell her you're giving her a last warning and that if she doesn't keep the rabbit clean, you're going to find a new home for it. If she doesn't shape up, follow through.

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