Can I park my motorcycle in stripped areas of a parking lot?

I see motorcycles do it all the time. I hate to take up a whole parking spot with my little motorcycle. I’ve seen cars whip in and almost hit my motorcycle because they don’t realize anyone it parked there in the parking spot. No one has ever said anything until last night when parked in the parking garage at my work, I had a note on my motorcycle from my manager (not realizing it was me) that I had parked illegally and would be towed. I’m talking about the giant area between parking spots or near walls that’s painted yellow. I’m not parking anywhere near handicap parking, fire lane, or blue/red paint . I live in Oklahoma City.

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  • 2 years ago

    If there are no dedicated parking bays for motorcycles the safest thing would be to call whoever operates the carpark and get their official position on where you should park your bike. Yellow painted zones are generally intended to be kept clear for fire access/escape and evacuation etc, though some zones are also painted yellow simply to discourage over-optimistic car drivers from trying to squeeze into those areas. Use your common sense and park where your bike won't interfere with emergency services and you should be OK

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Gee, too bad. I usually park at a grocery store between the lamp post and the cart bays. Technically, it is for the handicapped to access, But, they cant pass the lamppost stanchion, anyway, so I park just before it. . I and others regularly use these "triangles ". They are not striped, like the area next to a handicapped space, where the doors would open.

  • Anton
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    2 years ago

    Depends on the owner of the specific parking lot. Motorcycles with saddlebags and/or tail boxes are fabulous shopping carts. I have parked regularly on the sidewalk next to the entrance and/or an empty triangle in a parking lot (again within 30 feet of the front door) -- no problem, and once had an employee to move a shopping cart to give space for my scoot.

    Work parking is different, is long term parking. At my job they told me I would be in a dead space next to the door -- about 40 feet from my desk. Talk to the manager, or over his head, about motorcycle parking -- since motorcycles take less space. Otherwise, take a full car space. You might consider a sign "The Company does provide motorcycle parking, and requires me to take a full space."

  • bo
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    2 years ago


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  • 2 years ago

    Many places don't mind if you park in stripped areas or on the sidewalk out of the way. But since you've received a note specifically instructing you not to park in this area at this particular lot you should stop parking there.

    As other's have mentioned, you have every right to park in a regular space regardless of the type of vehicle you're driving. Your motorcycle is the same as a car. Along those same lines though, "no parking" zones are no parking zones and you don't have any right to park a motorcycle there if cars & truck aren't allowed. Most places don't care, but obviously this particular place does.

    I don't personally own a motorcycle but I do own a couple large vehicles which can be hard to maneuver in tight parking lots. A motorcycle parked in the stripped area can make it very difficult for large vehicles to maneuver around corners in small lots. I don't personally get worked up over this, its my choice to drive a behemoth and that's my problem. But I'd rather pull into a parking lot to find your bike taking up a regular parking space than accidentally clip it going around the corner and have it wind up underneath my 7,000 lb truck.

    Bottom line, if there are no areas dedicated specifically for motorcycle parking, then I would suggest just parking in a regular space. I would park toward the back of the space so cars can see it, but ultimately you should be carrying comprehensive insurance just in case some jerk flattens your bike and runs off without leaving their contact info, that could happen no matter where you park.

  • 2 years ago

    You're entitles to park anywhere cars can legally park. The idiot who left a note on your bike was wrong. Some parking lots reserve areas for motorcycles, but that is reservation, not requirement. Your manager owes you an apology. It would be nice if they would reserve an area exclusively for motorcycles instead of just being a hater. Maybe you can get the other riders together and talk this issue over with the manager.

  • CB
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    2 years ago

    Basic answer is it depends - however you have been warned so apparently it isn't OK for that particular parking lot - Take the closest space to the building and park in full size spot. Park so your bike is near the entrance to the spot so cars can see it before turning in but not so close that some Ahole backs into it. Pretty sure there will be some lazyass cager who will complain about the bike using up a full spot (as illogical an argument if there ever was one because if you were in a cage you would use the same spot).....but I digress - likely there will be some changes about parking in the striped section.

  • 2 years ago

    The idea is that you are entitled to the same parking space as a car. That's actually a law in my state. You can't put a sign in a parking lot that forbids bikes from using car spaces. Look at it this way--most of those cars had only one person in them anyway, right?

    When I park in a lot where cars park side-by-side (not end-to-end like at the curb) I don't pull in all the way, so a car coming down the aisle can see my bike as they approach. AND I park over to one side, so if another motorcycle comes along he can share the space (I noticed other bikers do that and I've shared the other half of the space many times myself.)

    Often in a parking lot the spaces are angled, to make it easier to get in and out. Then there' s usually a triangle of space left over at the end, sometimes striped in yellow or white. I always thought that would be a perfect place to park a motorcycle but some places don't like you doing that. Not sure why. Maybe bikes at the end of the row are more vulnerable.

    And some parking garages have special spaces for motorcycles, so naturally they wouldn't want you to take up a whole car space.

    Otherwise, you have the same right to park as a car. Look at your state vehicle code. It doesn't say -car-, it says VEHICLE.

  • Dze
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    2 years ago

    yeah it depends on the county .. some counties and cops dont care .. others will .. in your home town just do what others are doing .. if your traveling i wouldnt take chances you can indeed wind up with a ticket in some places parking out-of-the-way so to speak ...

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