i just want to say i am not christian but i want to tell that those who are my christian wives i dont want them to be killed?

i just want to say i am not christian and i am life and i am one god of time i dont believe in anyone and if any christian becomes against me and not let me believe in myself or tries to theft my believe i will become against him and kill his religion so those christians who are married to me please remember i have my own religion and i live just like human lives with another human and if you tell me to believe in your god then you will marry me and stay with me and if i dislike your god then you will leave me and if i talk bad on your god then you will leave me then i am not with you please remember that i am living a life as a adam cast genie like human lives another human so i am not against your god but if your god thefts anything from me then i will become against him and i dont give anything of mine to anyone if anyone thefted anything from me then they have to be finished just like others has finished and no excuses whether be it religion and i must not get pain or anything because i didnt take anything of anyone. Its enough for you to know i am one god of time and you dont have to worry that whether i believe in god nothing happens to me. All religions belongs to me only and i have right to terminate any religion at any time. If i said to christians to make anyone bad or porn star or do anything to anyone then i take back those words even if i prayed for christians then i take back my words but please remember i dont want your god commands in my identity.


i dont believe in your god and your god is just running a small religion please remember it and make sure you or your christian believer doesnt thefts anything from me otherwise i will be forced to become against all christians because of single reason. I never theft anything from anyone and i never do mistakes what belongs to me is mine and of nobody else.

Update 2:

if there is any christian wives married to me simply leave the religion you believe in right now chrisitianity and believe in my religion in written truth from my website only and remember i dont stop telling you to love your god or any god but if loving to your god will theft my property or believe from me then i dont want you in my life. If you love me truly then stay with me and learn knowledge of truth from me and remember your god royalty in front of me.

Update 3:

if i did anything wrong to you or to your kids please forgive me and remember i live exactly like human only and just like family. If i have to tell truth to live with you or you come in front of me then you are wrong i live my own life and with my rulership i dont believe in your god so you come in front of me when i become true from your god. I am one god of time and last of torah too so live with me like a queen lives and make sure you live with respect and do education.

Update 4:

if anyone of your religion did anything bad to me or some of my wives or kids then i will be finishing christian god and christianity please remember it because i never made any of your christian god wive or kid bad. If any blames are put on me by giving sins of others on me then i will finish your god and all god family.

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  • 2 years ago

    Hmm. Delusions of grandeur, or just a common troll? Probably a deluded troll.

    Ask a question and I'll answer it.

  • 2 years ago

    What the hell? Okay. Have fun with that.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Pay attention to the teacher, not your phone.

  • Evan
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    Get psychiatric help today.

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  • 2 years ago

    Did you say wives in plural?

    Then, you are not Christian. You are Mormon.

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