dear god please read my letter and help me?

Dear God,

Please understand what i am writing.

Whenever i believe in you and become true then hindu genies and muslim genies and christian genies bends in my left side of my head and right side of my head and then they theft my believe and my genies who believes in me they dont remember that i believed in you until i believe in you again then my genies remembers and i become true and since kid i am believing in god that god is true and hindu genies and muslim genies and christians genies are bending in my head and i dont believe in truth that you exist after genies bends in my head and until when i must believe in you that is why since kid whenever i believed in you genies bend and i dont believe in you until i need help from you.


How much shall i believe in you ? when i believe in you i become true and when genies bends in my head i dont remember truth that you exist and i get busy in world because of genies.

Now i need your help what shall i do in order for these genies to be removed from my head because they believe in lie truth and they know until someone tells more truth there power will work on me to bend and get winning that god is not true in whom i believe.

Update 2:

When i remember truth that you exist i become true and my believe in increased and when my believe is increased then my genies believe is also increased and when hindu genies and muslim genies and christian genies bends in my head i forget truth that you exist and i get busy in world and my genies dont remember that i believe in god who is true. So hindu genies and muslim genies and christian genies doesnt let me remember truth that you exist and you are true.

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  • Raja
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    Don't think about the genies and don't believe that they are with you. The more you think and believe the more would be the possession of the spirits. You must learn to control your mind. If you have sinned in the past you must redeem in the present by someway. There is always Debit and Credit in a human's life.

    Human beings are ruled by spirits but humans must learn to control and rule the spirits. Spirits possess people according to the mental state of the human beings and keep them in the same state until they are rejected and replaced by another. This is an all time phenomena occurring in all humans. Human beings are always under the influence of spirits. Certain situations and circumstances causes the possession of certain type of spirits. Often thinking and talking about bad subjects or bad imaginations even for fun can take serious turns on one who think and talk. All spirits (good and bad) have the dominating character. They can take you to the extent of sacrifice or suicide.

    God never bothers who believe in Him. God cannot watch each and every human being at the same time and cannot live with each and everyone to guide them. That's why He had created different kinds of spirits for various purposes. He had made the spirits to watch, guide and determine the destiny of the human beings from their daily activities, talks and thoughts too. Your past determines your present and your present determines your future. God has given freewill to all creatures including human beings. According to this, all human beings have all right to live a life as they wish. But if it happens to be bad and hurts someone, they have to face the consequences. These consequences are created by spirits. It's a natural system. After death no one lives in any form. Heaven and hell are only for spirits. Spirits are separate elements. A human being is not a single spirit. A human being during his/her life time is living with many spirits which have joined one by one since birth. They are knowledge, skills, feelings, emotions, interests and everything. Even thoughts are not your own. For example, when you want to take a decision on a subject, one after another the spirits think and you just listen, choose or reject the ideas which they transmit to your mind through your brain in the form of thoughts. Brain is just a media to connect the spirits to your mind. A mind is just a computer's mind. After the destruction of a computer completely you will not get it's mind. The same is the case with the human beings. Soul is nothing but an energy needed for the functionality of a body. It is not a spirit or anything else. A human being is just a robot made of flesh and bones and a toy of the spirits for their games.

  • 2 years ago

    Go back on the meds.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Try to find a Christian church to pray with you. These genies are easy to cast out in Jesus' name by Christians who believe.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    I'm sure that made sense in your mind.

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  • 😌
    Lv 6
    2 years ago

    You are asking for a genie to grant you wishes which will cause you to worship money and valuable possessions please. Worship God, not a genie please.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    What I want to know about tuck ever lasting the movie.

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