judaism was finished by torah verse genie and torah of moses was finished by judaism green genie and hashem was killed by imam raza genies?

i was controlled by judaism genies and judaism was finished by torah verse genie who did porn with me because of control of judaism green genie who controlled me and it was not porn for me but for genie it was porn who believed it was porn. I didnt see judaism green genie or torah verse genie but i felt them and i know who they are. Hashem was killed by imam raza or imam raza genies (razi genies) and hashem daughter of israel proofs i killed hashem of israel and she controlled me through genies to kill some hashem i dont know whether it was hashem or somebody else because she says it proofs it was hashem and hashem daughter of israel wants my family and my generation to be finished for no reason by saying i am bad and i did porn and world war 3 has to come otherwise hashem will die because allah of islam gives his fate of death to hashem of israel. I didn't kill anyone and witness are many genies now who knows truth specially judaism genies. It was a torah genie from hussaini tekri of torah who was controlling me badly for killing any genies who were doing adultry in my body or outside my body in my room and put tube in my body to control me and she was caught today by me and i know her very well. Hashem daughter of hashem of israel knew truth and she was trying to hide many things quickly like changing my understanding and thinking by forcing me to remember about something different by telling others to born fake genies kids so i understand something lie.


This technology of hashem daughter is very old from old times and she tries to become original from everyone by making others lie. You dont believe that hashem of israel has become lie now and everybody knows it specially jews so they want to kill me and they even know i am first god of universe and they keep taking out genies from me of universe and they even took some galaxies from me without my permission and what else they did please find out everything so you come to know truth.

Update 2:

hashem daughter is finding my generations and family from everywhere and she is forcing them to do porn and today few hours ago she took universe genie from my head and she forced him to do what i dont know and she believes i forced all jews to do porn which i didnt i tried to save them because of judaism genies who were controlling me to protect jewish genies who didnt tell to hashem of israel daughter that jews controlled me and ask jewish girl to do porn with me without seeing n hearing them.

Update 3:

i didn't do porn with jewish girl genies because i didn't see there body or hear there voice at all and i was controlled by jewish genies to protect jewish girl genies and i protected and i even felt i am liking sex without seeing or hearing there body or voice so they dont do sex with others and it was not porn because there was no smell or no liquid it was just feeling which i felt and i didnt see there mouth or body at all i was feeling like tounge and body which were small.

Update 4:

i loved them truly and in return jewish genies started killing me by believing in lie truth and so hashem doesn't becomes lie. I told to there hashem truth and to jews but they didnt tell truth. Judaism and torah genies who finish judaism and torah and maybe some hashem must tell truth to everyone that how they control me and how there power works on me by borning kids with me and they write on there genies from my back by saying masterbate for torah so they proof i sinned.

Update 5:

now whatever i am writing judaism genies are trying to proof i didnt write from my mind and they forces me to erase what i wrote from my mind by either borning a kid or doing sex with me which i do not know they do sex with me. Judaism genies believes if i dont become muslim then hashem will die. Even some stnam kaur of judaism few hours ago put penis in my mouth i dont know why she did this and she cursed from my foots that i must not feel and become bad without knowing truth.

Update 6:

without knowing truth who forced to save judaism girl genies by asking them to do sex with me and porn with me who was judaism genies (imams) as soon as the imams of jews came to know truth today few hours ago they were trying to erase themselves so nobody comes to know truth. Many other religions were finished because of controlling me and misusing me by forcing me to just understand bad on religions and gods so they accept it as wish and proof i finished all religions they even hijack me.

Update 7:

after hijacking me what they did please find out more since many years. i also want to say that i didnt do anything wrong with judaism genies until now and i am never bad and many jews knows truth now. whenever i want to fly i will fly and i tried to save jews whenever they needed help and according to knowledge of hashem daughter she believes jews forced me so if there are true angels of me then they will know it. Time intruders were there who controlled me and misused me by putting genies.

Update 8:

Some genies keep fake genies on my back of body to control me by believing in lie truth. Torah of moses verse genies are bad please stay away from them they dont know what are humans and never stay with them otherwise your life will become bad and you will be in danger because they dont save you but save there god and for them god is everything who keeps them like an animal and teaches to theft and erase there sins and erase there mistakes and erase truth and not let anyone know truth.

Update 9:

judaism genies and torah genies are erasing my mind and forcing me to forget about genies from many years maybe since kid and forcing me to sin so there power of truth works on me and they kill me. I dont understand when i am first god of universe why nobody came to know truth what i am and how i talk and what is happening with me in my body and didnt even saved me until now from genies in my body.

Update 10:

since kid jews and muslims and hindus and christians are killing me and they force me to sin and mistake and then believe in truth like they trick by using genies. They tell to one genie take responsibility for him to do sin and then they tell we forgive your sin. This is the beautiful game of world of god and these religions. I am not christian and i become in control of jews and muslims and hindus and christians because i say from my mind i like them or i love them or anything in front of them

Update 11:

because i am first god of universe when i say something from mind in front of anyone they accept my wish. So mir saber ali who is shia also accepted what i said from my mind that i am believer by taking responsibility that i am shia i am not shia. I am first god of universe of whom all religions belongs and i dont do sins and i am never bad and i am always good and beautiful in all times. I never lost from anyone.

Update 12:

i witness to all gods of all religions who are just my genies and who are my servants i am never bad and i didnt do any mistakes and it was your genies who controlled me and misused me and i didnt made the world bad and i didnt made the world to do porn and i didnt made the world to suck private parts. I become out of control from mind when genies are kept in me and souls and dead ones of hindus or muslims or christians or some jews or sikhism.Sri devi came to help me but she didnt understood me

Update 13:

hashem of israel was so mad that she killed sri devi by forcing her to hate something by believing i finished judaism and torah and i made all jews girl genies to do porn with me. I didnt understand whether hashem of israel was mad or he didnt had knowledge to know truth. I have my own religion and i am happy with it. Even judaism green genies forced me to do masterbation for western wall by believing to save western wall i have to do masterbation. They do magic on me.

Update 14:

i am not muslim and i am not hindu and i am not christian and i am also not jewish but to save jews sometimes even if i die i say judaism belongs to me because i love judaism genies truly without seeing them or hearing them by just praying for there holy book torah and praying for hashem by believing he is true. I am sure nobody everybody will know truth what has happened with me and who controlled me to do sins with others or do mistakes with others. I am sure purity exist on this planet.

Update 15:

Because this planet earth also made my life bad since kid and i prayed in front of sky to save my family who ever are my wives and kids which i born by even in control by judaism green genies or maybe torah genies or somebody else and i asked my genies after having consciousness to marry me and born kids with me. Now judaism green genies wants to marry me and born kids with me and they brought kids in reality which i came to know n to remove there sins they fly by believing in me only as father.

Update 16:

i never made any jewish genies or torah genies or any religions genies pimp or whore or anything i never did wrong with anyone. i even saw hashem of israel son or hashem only forced some of my daughters to suck my penis and born kids with me and even muslims allah and christians jesus and christian god did the same thing without knowing truth what they did everyone must find out if purity or love is on planet earth. This is the planet earth who knows what is human but to bring world war 3.

Update 17:

planet earth belongs to me and it was given to shah hussain because of stnam kaur and she didnt tell truth to everyone until now and today hashem thefted some real universe genies and send to israel and even jewish universe genies which were blue genies because complete universe is my body and hashem is trying to find out with whom i will be borning kids and forcing them to do porn maybe. Which you will find out truth here and hashem of israel n his son forced some of my universe genies to porn

Update 18:

hashem wants to make universe do porn by knowing i am first god of universe and whenever i am saying i am first god of universe he takes out genies from me of universe which is of purity and never sins and never mistakes and never eaten food. After they came to know truth they kept there genies in my body to protect there religion and there genies believed in me and gave there sins and mistakes on me like maybe since i am kid they are giving there sins and cases on me.

Update 19:

i dont know where to ask for help now because hashem of israel wants to make everyone do porn and he wants to finish earth planet. they are making my life bad and i dont know what to tell i am first god of universe so my genies are my blood genies and my body genies and my believe genies which are my genies and my body is universe. i need help from my universe genies and the genies of earth are not letting me say from mind asking for help to get help from my angels.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago


    "Finished" is just another way of saying "abrogated."

    We Muslims also have the concept of abrogation in Islam where Allah abrogated laws after their purpose was fulfilled, not because he changed his mind, but as was his plan all along.

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