If Australia and New Zealand became a superpower like Russia and China, could that restore world balance?

Update: If Australia and New Zealand allow unlimited and massive immigration from UK, it could lead to a SECOND USA .
Update 2: Jamey: And perhaps from a selected TPP countries.
Update 3: jimm: "Sure, but they may sink into the ocean because of GLOBULL WARMING." This can be avoided through sharing patented technology.
Update 4: Sir Studley Smugley: "No. It would make those countries nuclear targets." Australians and New Zealanders are strong enough to over come such problems.
Update 5: Sir Studley Smugley: "I don't see how that could "balance" anything." Not until a formal and actionable plan has been agreed and implemented.
Update 6: Kelvin: "Not as long as Trump is in office". Trump is clever enough to see the benefit.
Update 7: Dreaded Rear Admiral: "I think you mean "superpowerS". They're separate countries, you know. " This does not matter as long as Australia and New Zealand become a superpower of the kind of USA.
Update 8: Spock (rhp): "not enough people to accomplish that without truly head and shoulders better technology" This can happen quickly as long as everyone agree quickly.
Update 9: armouror: "24 million people you must be Joking." If the uninhabited desert in mainland Australia are fully developed just like Israel, this can be a New United States.
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