Hello,everyone.Got a grammar question.It's about this phrase "It is+adjective+for somebody+to.Could you please help me to figure it out's?

I get the hang of the positive form of this expression and it is used as below.

1) It's harmful for people to smoke cigarettes every day.

But,now,I'd like to know whether I can always put "not" before "to do" ,when I want to make a sentence.

eg. 2) It seemed selfish of him not to give them anything.

3) It was so silly of us not to believe him and accpet his ideas at that time.

Could you tell me whether sentence 2) and sentence 3) are right?


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    Yes, it's correct to put "not" before the infinitive.

    Many people (including teachers) believe that it's wrong to "split" an infinitive- to put a word between the "to" and the verb. That's actually a made up rule. Early English grammarians based the description of grammar on the grammar of Latin. But English is not a Latin language- it was derived from German. In Latin, the infinitive is one word, so it can't be split. So the grammarians decided that infinitives shouldn't be split in English either. Many people think that "Our mission is to boldly go..." is wrong. But there's really no good reason not to put the adverb after "to" if it makes sense.

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    They are all correct. Are you not a native english speaker? If not, you are doing a very good job!

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