HIV through handling money?

Over the weekend I worked a horror convention and collected money for ticket sales. I saw hundreds of people throughout the day. On two of my fingers the women at the nail salon cut my cuticles way too short, causing me to have serious hang nails. As I collected money and stuck it in the bag, the dollars would jab me and get caught under the hangnail and I was bleeding multiple times, I used hand sanitizer when possible. And then got bandaids when I could. Assuming one of the customers and or their money had the virus, would it be possible for me to have contracted it? Two days later and I have the worst cold ever. I'm kinda freaking out

3 Answers

  • No you're not going to get HIV like that. You would have to exchange a lot of blood or body fluids with an infected person in order to contract it. The most you could get is a bacterial infection.

  • 3 years ago

    HIV isn't spread that way. You're worrying about nothing.

  • 3 years ago

    No, this would be a highly unlikely/borderline impossible way to contract HIV. But more importantly, HIV is not an acute illness and you would never have symptoms from it 2 days after an exposure.

    Source(s): Doctor of Pharmacy
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