What happens when migrants/refugees are rescued from sea?

Right now in europe what happens when migrants crossing the mediterranean are rescued( in greece, itsly, or spain)? Are they brought to shore, medically attened, sent to a refugee camp, and then if they qualify or not deported/given residency?

Ps(I used a phone to type this so I am sorry for any typos)

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    3 years ago

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  • 3 years ago

    None of these are genuine "refugees." Only those from UNHCR refugee camps who are adjudicated as refugees under UN regulations are actually refugees. Then UNHCR invites countries which accept refugees to come to the camp & select those they are willing & able to resettle.

    These migrants from Africa, Middle East, South Asia are hiring & paying smugglers to enter illegally. Certain NGOs are "rescuing" these migrants from their overcrowded smugglers' boats, & dump them ashore. They are illegal aliens, and no country has jobs, or anything else for this invasion of illegal aliens. Attempts at setting up "refugee camps" to provide for food, shelter, have proven disasters as they destroy everything, assault (even murder) aid workers, escape, and live by stealing, other crimes, etc.

    They are not being deported fast enough, and much of Europe is now actually a disaster area with extremely high crime, theft, vandalism, violence. Note that these migrants have no qualifications for any sort of work, typically do not speak the language, and generally intend to live off taxpayers. They are literally bankrupting & destroying the countries they enter.

    The only possible solution is to turn them back & not allow them to land unless they have a proper visa issued through qualifications to live & work & provide for themselves.

  • 3 years ago

    Each country has its own procedures.

  • 3 years ago

    Yes, they're taken to a refugee camp, where many remain for years. There are some heart breaking videos about the people who are trying to provide some education to the children stuck in those camps- I think one of them was on the Samantha Bee show.

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  • 3 years ago

    That handling of refugees and illegal immigrants is in flux. Italy, for example, is rejecting that Huge Flow they suffered from for so long and now many, including those with nefarious intentions, are invading other European Nations like Spain.

    The UN should set up a policy that rejects refugees moving into other Nations and work with all nations to set up camps to temporarily house and care for them until the problems in their homelands have been resolved. they are NOT immigrants who wanted to leave their homes and many are not willing to accept a new homeland with a different lifestyle and new laws. Let them return when able or even help fight for their homelands.

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