Question about jobs and job openings?


The authors of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters claim that every year 50 million U.S. jobs are filled, almost all without a job posting.

Why do you think businesses avoid advertising job openings?

If jobs are unlisted, how can a candidate locate them?

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  • 3 years ago

    You find the company on line.

    You go to their web portal.

    You see if there is an application form

    If not, you search their website until you find the name of the person who heads the Human Resources Department.

    You write that person a letter :

    Dear [PERSON],

    I am very interested in employment with [COMPANY NAME]. I've been very interested in [WHAT THE COMPANY DOES] for a long time and I have experience in [A THING THAT WILL HELP YOUR COMPANY.] I also studied [STUFF THAT MAKES ME VALUABLE TO THE COMPANY].

    I would love to come in and speak with you about my skill set and what I have to offer to [COMPANY].


    You attach your professional resume to the letter.

    You make a linked in profile and you sanitize your Facebook profile.

    You list your resume on Zip Recruiter and Monster.

    We avoid advertising jobs because when we do, every body who wants a job either calls,comes in or applies and, unfortunately 95% of the people who come in that way are not qualified for the job. They are just hoping that by some accident we will hire them. It means going through hundreds of resumes. If we advertise 'marketing Specialist' for example....we get resumes from professional child care people, dentists, truck drivers...we will get a few for the job advertised, but most of them are not the people we want to interview for the job. It isn't easy telling people they are not qualified...especially when they are desperate. But we cannot hire a person who cannot do the job and does not have the background or training to pick it up quickly.

    And Zip recruiter and Monster sort the applicants from my standpoint....I can avoid looking at 300 resumes a day by going through a service.

    OR - promoting someone into the position and then hiring an untrained person to learn 'mail room'.

    Hope this helps.

    AND...look up the term 'pain letter'. Learn how to write one.

  • 3 years ago

    A large number of jobs are filled internally. Another big percentage is through networking. That is why it is so important to tell all of your friends that you are looking for a job and ask if they have any leads. Employers prefer hiring an applicant who has someone they know to vouch for the person.

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