Is The Big Bang Theory And Evolution Theory By Darwin Connected To The Creation?

Because if you focus on the creation it makes no sense that God created the world in just six days because according to astronomers it takes more than thousands of years for planet to be born, Darwin also said "Natura Non Facit Saltum" which means: Nature Makes No Leap.So that leads to my second question the evolution theory.According to the Bible, God already talked to adam and eve, so that also makes no sense because in that time, that was the era of the homo sapiens which evolved and evolved for many years until the human race could finally talk a formal language.So if we include the Big Bang Theory And The Evolution Theory to The Creation,didn't that makes more sense.I'm a Catholic but i doubted this when i used more logic.I need some explanation please.Thanks


Did The Bible Also Meant Years Not Days?

Update 2:

Also,Who wrote the Book of Genesis,others say it was Moses but that also makes no sense because Moses still didn't exist in that time.I need some more explanation please.Thanks

Update 3:

Thanks everyone for answering and explaining my question well.I will decide the best answer tomorrow.btw,is it weird that i am a yr old boy 14 and think about all this stuff?

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    Read Genesis 1. The very first line "In the Beginning God created the heavens and the Earth." agrees with the concept of the Big Bang. Prior to the general acceptance of this theory the atheistic claim was that the universe always was. Some still cling to that notion because IF the universe had a beginning it necessitates a FIRST cause, which is a strong case for God.

    The second line of Genesis also agrees with the Big Bang and our scientific concept of the formation of planets. It says "Now the Earth was a formless void." In other words it started as a dead dust cloud. It states clearly what the some of the conditions were on Earth during its formation. There was at first complete darkness, as there would be if you were looking up through an incredibly thick settling dust cloud. It then says that light appeared and yet seemingly there still was no sun. That is EXACTLY what would have happened. As more dust settled a person would be able to see light and darkness even though they could not see the sun. It is only later in the story that the sun, moon, and stars can be seen.

    The story speaks about the appearance of dry land saying that all the water was gathered together. If the water was gathered together that means at first there would have been only one land mass. That agrees with what we know happened. Pangea was one of several super-continents that existed.

    Then you have the creation of plant life and animal life. But note that the Bible does not say that God "zapped" them into being. Rather it TWICE says that He charged the EARTH to produce them. This agrees with the concept of abiogenesis... life from lifelessness.

    Also please note the ORDER which life was created. Plants -> sea life -> "great monsters" -> mammals -> man. That agrees with the concept of evolution.

    It is totally unheard of that any ancient text would agree so clearly with any ONE modern scientific theory. Genesis 1, the very first chapter of the Bible, agrees with FOUR of them.

    Get away from thinking that the Bible must be interpreted literally because it just isn't so. There are approximately 8,000 Hebrew words used in the Bible (and even far fewer root words). There are close to ONE MILLION words in the English language. English has words for practically every shade of meaning. Hebrew on the other hand a single word can have many different meanings. The word used for "day" is one of them. It is not limited to a 24 hour period. Nor is it in English either. The "day of the dinosaurs" was 144 million years.

    I hope this helps you. If you need more information or have questions write me.

    In as far as your second update, Moses did not write the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible). It is conceivable that he edited them but most likely that is incorrect as well as there are different editing styles. There are 4 different oral traditions which are imperfectly combined in an attempt to create a continuous narrative. It is because of this that there are quite a few duplicate stories that actually contradict one another. But the truth of the Bible is not found in its trivia. It is found in its message.

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    Yes and no. The Big Bang WAS the creation of the universe, or its aftermath.

    Prove that God didn't guide evolution and your second question will make sense.

  • 3 years ago

    Is The Big Bang Theory And Evolution Theory By Darwin Connected To The Creation?

    - Nope.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Natural selection is the purest form of evolution .

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  • 3 years ago

    Fake news

  • 3 years ago

    Darwin did not pose the Evolution idea. Your saying that displays your ignorance. He did come up with "Natural Selection," one of the methods by which Evolution works. The concept was well known even before he was born.

    The Big Bang idea - first proposed by a Catholic priest, incidentally, is not related to Evolution. Both are completely different ideas in science. The Creation story in Genesis is what Theologians call "myth," which they define as a story about truth, but for which the detail my not be. Genesis can tell us about our creation by God, the nature of good, and evil, or roles as stewards of the Earth, and more, all while giving basically invented details. While Adam, and Eve possibly did exist, they were certainly not the first human beings. The earliest recorded Hebrews - sure.

    Science, and religion are complimentary, and each can answer questions that the other cannot. But, to use one to answer the other is incorrect.

  • Noose
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    You certainly don't need logic to know that non living materials can not spontaneously become alive in a billion years or animal sounds can not transform into a human vocabulary that MUST be taught for anyone to speak or physical changes (big bang) can not happen spontaneously unless the already existing or underlying conditions (temp/ pressure/ time e.t.c) change.

    Time itself is an illusion and there's a lot of circular reasoning around it. The time that we know of is dependent on earth rotational rate i.e. 24hr = 1 rotation and from this we get our seconds/minutes/hours/days/weeks/years. It means if we were to use Mars's rate of rotation, then our time will be something different- so earth is our standard but when we say the universe started 13 b years ago and earth came into being 4.5 b years then we are cheating ourselves.

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    You're doing a great job of thinking things through. It's good that you're seeing some of the contradictions! There are many people who do not think that the Bible can be reconciled with the reality that scientists have discovered. The only way to do so is to assume that those passages of the Bible are not meant to be taken literally, but if that's the case, how can you identify which passages are literal and which are not? Can you just decide? I don't personally think so.

    I think you should know a few things, though: The theory of evolution is VERY different today than when Darwin first noticed the foundation of it. Please don't assume that Darwin was correct about everything. You should pay much more attention to what modern scientists and evolutionary biologists say. Second, the Big Bang theory does not preclude the existence of a god, but it does indicate that everything was set in motion a very long time ago, and it apparently hasn't deviated from a deterministic course since then.

    Hope that helps a little. Keep thinking and learning!

  • 3 years ago

    It is very simple. The big bank and slow evolution is a lie.

    The BIBLE says 6 days, and it was 6 days.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Those never happened

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