Hello, everyone. Could you please help me to confirm one thing about English? I am talking about objective complement here.?

I got the conclusion about the usage of objective complement structure. So, according to my knowledge, I think the objective complement structure can only be used after two conditions. 1) After some verbs, such as call,name,make,think,find,leave,keep,nominate,choose,elect,define,regard, see,recognize,treat,take,consider,look up,refer to,accept,acknowledge,describe,depict,represent,declare,denounce,employ,use,show,organize,express,see,hear,notice,watch,feel,observe, make,have,let and so on. 2). It can be used in the composite structure of WITH. With+objective+Objective complement. EXPCEPT these two conditions, any other place that I find in a sentence is a preposition plusing an objective or gerund. such as "I am afraid of protesting my boss in person". This is a picture of president Trump shaking hands with Obama. Am I right here???


I have got a problem on objective complement here. Could you please tell me whether these two sentences are the structure of objective complement? Why and why not??

1) "My day is afraid of me protesting my boss in person"

2) This is a picture of president Trump shaking hands with Obama. Am I right here???

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Is this a joke? I am a native English speaker and I find what you wrote incomprehensible and full of grammatical errors. If it isn't a joke, you need to go back to basics and stop worrying about objective complements.

  • 4 years ago


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