Tribalism in todays world?

Do you think the internet and globalism have made humans (particulary western people) more stressed,confused and lacking respect.I saw a speech that a soldier gave infront of people involving his time in the army and coming back to his home.He said that it was really hard to adapt back home seeing what respect,partnership and cooperation looked like in the army.He never trully experienced that home and having a tribalistic mentallity made him into a better person.What is your take on that ? Do we need more tribalism in our lives ?

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  • 4 years ago

    The word "tribalism" is being used for divisions within our society, such as race against race. It may be that the Internet is making things worse but the Internet didn't create special-interest politics. Special-interest politics goes back a long, long way. I don't know how to deal with it, because it's encouraged by politicians, who appeal to groups, and by the media, who never stop talking about divisions. The media promotes divisions, inflames anger. They're not interested in a story about atheists and church people getting along nicely in some town, just stories about these groups fighting.

    As you have pointed out, there is cooperation in the military, and if our democracy falls apart, a military dictatorship in which people are forced to cooperate is a likely outcome. I think the U.S. Constitution is now in jeopardy.

  • 4 years ago

    SOME people need a LOT of "guidance" in their life. Other's; not so much.

    I spent six years in the military and I get what some find appealing about it. It's not for everyone.

    People are somewhat hard-wired to seek groups for support and to shun others that are different. We are also hard-wired for greed and hedonistic tendencies. Once upon our ancient history, these traits probably helped people to survive. Doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Especially not in this day and age.

    We will always need a military, and thankfully there folks that need to be part of it. The rest of us "civilians" DON"T need to divide ourselves and shun one another for being different. We need to learn to accept and celebrate our differences.

    Tribalism is bullshit.

  • 4 years ago

    No.. Tribalism was there back then e.g the case where Moses killed a guy (accidentally) who wasn't from his tribe even though he wasn't in the wrong.. In today's world, tribalism is describe as racial or national prejudice.. and no we don't need it in our lives..

    "He is not of us who proclaims the cause of tribal partisanship; and he is not of us who fights in the cause of tribal partisanship; and he is not of us who dies in the cause of tribal partisanship."

    “I asked the Prophet (ﷺ): ‘O Messenger of Allah, is it tribalism if a man loves his people?’ He said: ‘No, rather tribalism is helping your people in an unjust cause.’”

    Don't help people in our community if they do wrong ...

  • Paul
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    4 years ago

    What we are really talking about is loyalty . When a man takes his factory offshore so that he can make more profit he is being disloyal . when a politian allows it it is close to treason because it builds up the manufacturing base of the others to support their army .in short loyalty upwards demands loyalty downwards The problem is that big business has no loyalty because they see only the balance sheet . Your soldier knew those around him were loyal and that means a lot as it should on main street

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  • gerald
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    4 years ago

    we must look to our youth they are taught knowledge we deem appropriate history like the soldier leaned us honesty respect and trust is key to success and our youth are taught this then they enter the real world and like the soldier see liars cheats and thieves the supposed respected don't return letters even ignore unsuccessful applicants as though they were a stray dog the compound can deal with we saddle them with debts for education and we are supposed to be helping them even animals help their young we kick them out sink or swim fu** you make me some money the soldier sees the total lack of respect in society and it's true without respect for each other we will fall he knows that

  • 4 years ago

    With all the diversity within our American society, tribalism is unnecessary. We just need to accept people as they are and lend a helping hand where needed. This is what builds respect among us and a sense of community regardless of the insane politics and repetitive media sources around us.

  • Marla
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    4 years ago

    No, I think there is too much division in modern society. Too much individualism and egoism.

  • 4 years ago
    Source(s): Anarchism doesn't mean never having to say you are a follower, but rather it is never having to say you are a blind follower.
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