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how to display a SHAEF patch correctly?

asking for a friend that wants to get the placement of this as close to right as he can, he's got a should flash on his right sleeve, and told him the SHAEF patch would go under this flash, am i right? or does he have to remove the shoulder flash to be correct?


or does it not matter? as it's a hoodie he wants to put this patch on, not an actual WW2 military uniform

Update 2:

he's got a shoulder flash, like a a unit name patch on the right sleeve of his hoodie, sorry for my bad typing in the question.

Update 3:

and he's big into history so he wants to honor those that fought and died in the name of freedom.

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    What does your friend have on his right sleeve ??? a ''should flash'' ?? do you mean a flash for a beret ?? or no ?? because a flash only goes on the wool beret that you wear on your head, and flshes were not introduced by the dept. of the army until the 1960's. And in world war ii , no u.s.military personnel wore berets at all. Berets were not introduced until the early 1950's as 'unofficial headgear' for a very specific elite u.s. army organization. So, if your friend is trying to do a world war ii impression , then no beret should be worn at all . and no flashes anywhere on the clothing at all. Now the right shoulder is where a soldier sews on the unit patch of his last 'combat organization' service. What that means is ; the last unit that he was assigned to during his last assignment in a combat zone. And on the left shoulder ; is where a soldier sews on the unit patch of his current organization. Organization means : unit. So, whatever unit you're currently in now ; that is the unit patch that goes on your left shoulder. So, for example ; for a staff officer who worked directly in SHAEF headquarters forward command post in the combat zones of germany up until wars end, but now assigned at the present time , January 1946 ; at Headquarters U.S. 3rd. Army in Munich ; the insignia would be : SHAEF patch on right shoulder & 3rd. Army patch on left shoulder. Keep in mind that ; most SHAEF personnel were either staff officers, intelligence officers, or OSS officers. So , wearing the SHAEF patch will turn a lot of heads in public. SHEAF headquarters commands a lot of respect. even today. Theres no such thing as a ''shoulder flash''. There is beret flashes which only goes on berets, which were not used by u.s. forces in wwii. There is no other patch that goes with the SHAEF patch. So, for the right shoulder ; the SHAEF patch only & no other patch with it.

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