Birth control question?

Been using birth control for awhile went from depo shot to the pills i also have a heart problem have had it for yrs and the heart dr recently found an episode of atrial flutter. And that im at risk for a stroke. Was thinking of stopping my birth control cause i know it can cause stroke.and thinking that the atrial flutter might of came from it. Im only 26. What is another method i can use to not get pregnaut besides condoms, the pill and shot, something without hormones.

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  • Kasha
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    4 years ago

    It would be a very good idea for you to stop hormonal birth control, you've a few non-hormonal options.

    * Copper IUD (99%+ effective)

    * Barrier methods;

    - Condoms (86%-98% effective)

    - Femidoms (86%-98% effective)

    - Diaphragms (86%-94% effective)

    - Caps (86%-94% effective)

    - Shields (86%-94% effective)

    - Sponges (86%-91% effective)

    * Spermicide (72%-83% effective)

    * Withdrawal (73%-96% effective)

    * Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) (76%-98% effective)

    Note: there are multiple methods included in FAM and tools to practice FAM with varying effectiveness - e.g. symptothermal method with an app like Daysy would be more effective than calendar method with cyclebeads.

    There will be methods that aren't suitable for you at all such as sterilization (99+% effective) if you want to have children in the future or vasectomy (99+% effective) if your current partner wants to have children in the future.

    You can combine birth control which opens up more options - for example you may not trust condoms alone at 86%-98% effective, but condoms and withdrawal is 96.2%-99.92% effective so making it as effective as Depo.

    I suffered multiple minor strokes as a result of being on the pill. Initially I switched to FAM (symptothermal method with femidoms or diaphragm and spermicidal gel as back-up on fertile days) but currently I use a copper IUD and I recommend both methods. FAM is freakin' awesome on so many levels but it is a little effort to learn and often you do come across ignorant doctors who will harass you about it, IUD's are much easier as you just pop it in and you've got a highly effective method of birth control for the next decade with minimal risks and absolutely no effort at all.

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  • 4 years ago

    I would stop it

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