I am sorry if i seem like an idiot but why is there soo much confusion between this system. I live in europe and cant seem to understand what you people think about this system. Is it good ? Is it bad ? Its like you guys are split 50/50 and some say it helps them while others claim it forces them to pay for what they dont need.

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    i am no expert, but it is helpful for those that otherwise could not afford healthcare, but a burden on those that already had it or deemed it pointless to get. its risen the prices of most insurance simply by making it a requirement while only offering free healthcare to those that are unemployed or making very little. great if you're poor, just an extra burden for everyone else (and the coverage sucks too)

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    What you think about the system depends on whether or not you are getting FREE healthcare or paying for it. In general most people feel it is a failure because it COSTS way too much. The costs are rising anywhere from 22%-125% annually. The cost to the taxpayers (to provide subsidies to low income) is soaring. Overall it is a mess.

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    Borislav, I personally know people it helps. I personally know one person who helps people sign up for the program, and he tells me many people are helped. Clearly, there are exceptions, as there are with any type of medical insurance. Thanks for your interest.

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