Gamer peeps only?

Ok i have a question even if it sounds stupid to some people im 26 my bf is 24 my bf likes to game alot and i noticed he likes to tea bag girls on xbox and follow them around and flirt and this bothers me i find it disrespectful to me especially when im right by him playing a game as well and hes thinking im not paying attention. Then when i look up and say are u teabagging her hes like yea cause i can. Sounds sarcastic and assholish to me.

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    Well i am a gamer that does this all the time. Many people do it and is normal to do. It is like a tradition in the gaming community to do it because it is funny. It is just weird having girls in a game so everyone goes and chases her down cuz it is like rare to find one LOL. But, don't get mad it just a game =/

  • 4 years ago

    Unfortunately men have developed some bad habits because of our oversexualized society. My advice: throw down. Cry, make sure he knows it hurts you, and set out what is appropriate for you in the relationship. If you can't do that and have the relationship last, it is not the stuff of long term I hate to say.

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