I'm waiting for my newly applied job at Costco to call me back for orientation..When should I give my 2 weeks notice to my current job?


So I went through the whole interview/drug test process and Costco told me they will call me back for Orientation day..But I'm currently still at my current job and I don't wanna just give my 2 weeks in and not be so sure about getting the job at Costco..So my question is when should I give my current job my 2 weeks notice?

1 Answer

  • When you get invited to an orientation that usually means you're hired. But don't quit your current job until the paper work and testing is completed. You also still have to go through a trial period before you become a permanent employee. If you can manage having both jobs for a while then do that. If one of them has to go then quit your current job but do your best to get through the trial period with Costco.

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