My Poem Little darling don't you cry Please tell me what you think?

Little darling don’t you cry

I see that teardrop in your eye

Mommy had to go away

Maybe she’ll come back, again someday

Things just happen at our age

And sometimes its just a stage

That we sometimes will regret

But never ever will forget

You know we had a fight

In front of you, it wasn’t right

So now come closer dear

I’ll wipe away that flowing tear

Daddy’s staying home today

I just can not, go away

And as she looked up from her place

I saw a smile upon her face

Lets make a plan to spend our day

So hurry up, be on our way

And to the park we will go

To watch the gentle waters flow

We’ll climb a mountain way up high

Closer to the golden sky

At the top, we’ll make a pack

That once a week, we will come back

It’s you and me together now

We’ll make it through. I know some how

Till mommy knows she shouldn’t flee

Be back with us, and always be

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    I'm wondering in the next to last stanza, you wanted to use the word 'pact' and not 'pack'? Other than that, it is a nicely simple poem on a difficult matter

  • 4 years ago

    It is good as it is but you need to get rid of the last stanza completely.

    To me it seems like a pretty good nursery rhyme for children.

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