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What movie is this I'm remembering?

It was a movie in which a group of friends, in school, find an envelope supposedly with the answer to a test.

The teacher then finds them, and panicking, one of the friends says that they didn't look into the envelope.

The following are lines that continue after this:

"What envelope?" - teacher

"Envelope? Did I say envelope?" - friend

"Are you feeling alright?" - teacher

When the group walks into class the next day, they find that everyone has been squirted, or something, with I can't remember what. The friends in the group are the only ones who were still clean. We find out that there were no answers in the envelope. The test was actually to resist the temptation of looking in the envelope.


Could this maybe have been a show episode, not a movie?

Update 2:

The above was only one scene in the entire movie/show

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  • 5 years ago

    Lion King

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