What amp fuse should I use for a mains powered radio?

It is a mains powered radio, over 60 years old and still in working order. (UK electical system)

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    5 years ago
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    ideally 1 amp . but a 3amp is fine.

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    Use a fuse with a value about 10% higher than the current rating of the radio.

    If the power rating for the radio is given only in watts,

    divide that number by the voltage.

    Example: 230 volts 45 watts

    45 watts / 230 volts = 0.19956522 amps.

    You would want to round that up to 0.2 amps (200 mA) for convenience.

    0.2 X 1.1 = 0.22.

    The nearest common fuse value is 0.25 amp, which should be good enough.

    If the fuse often blows immediately or soon after you switch the radio on,

    change it to the next higher common value.

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    Hi a 5 amp fuse would be about right.

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    5 years ago

    I would try a 1 amp fuse. If that doesn't work then I wouldn't go any higher, because the whole thing will be chucking out so much heat it would be a fire hazard.

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    5 years ago

    just something to bear in mind

    the fuse is not there to protect you or the radio

    its there to protect the mains cable

    (it dont take much current at mains voltage to kill you or the radio, far less than the fuses normally used in the plug)

    If you can get one - a 1A

    if not then a 3A

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    1 or 2 amps. Certainly no higher than 3A.

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    5 years ago

    Its says next to the fuse holder.

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