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How can the Philippines use it s natural resources for its development?

They say Philippines has a lot of natural resources.

But how can they use these for its development?

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    They can do a lot. They can use much of the unused lands to grow crops to feed their populace while also hiring their unemployed masses to work the fields; they have so much land that they can grow different crops all year 'round, to feed the populace and export. They can also raise cattle for beef and dairy, and use the milk for different dairy products, for school programs and for the poor, particularly the malnutritioned.

    More people working the fields and diary farms will also help them pave roads to improve transportation, for eduction and eventually trourism. But the basics are always to help their own before considering exporting products. The same goes with Santo Domingo and Haiti, both.

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    Natural Resources Of The Philippines

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    Philippines Natural Resources

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    The answer is very simple. As a filipino citizen, I should know. Before we explore in international trade, and local product cultivation, we must first rid the country from the incompetence of the masses and the siphons that sucks away the treasury which we the citizens should've been benefiting from.

    Why is our naturally rich country so poor? Because the Governance in it is so corrupt and, the people do nothing about that because many are still uneducated. By eradicating these, we can achieve the riches our country should've achieved.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas Kapatid. Raraos din ang bansa natin. Our nation shall be great again.

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    The best way to help its natural resources that bring in the MOST money is to improve the education system so the future OFWs will have their degrees accepted & they will have the knowledge to pass all the tests.

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    It can't. If you look at a satellite image of the Philippines, much of the forest is gone. There is no hope going from here.

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    Allocate properly the natural resources for each project.

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    By being willing to INVEST in the Resources that the Philippines has Always Had.


    The Copra industry (Coconut) Has a Wasted Bi-Product Worth Virtually "Billions". The 'Husks',

    'Coconut Husk' Retains Over 90 % of its Moisture, & Properly Dried Makes what is Arguably the Finest "Peat-Material" available for Hydroponic Gardening and Agriculture.

    Due to the Dry Atmosphere India has become the Worlds Leading Exporter of the Product, & its Only the 'Relative Humidity' that Stops the Philippines from surpassing India since the Philippines is one of the World's Leading Exporters of 'Coconut'.

    Ironically Though, Very Few Investors in the Philippines are Willing to Invest in the Industrial Dryers or the Wind & Solar Energy that would Make the the Speculation Worth While.

    So, Unfortunately, the 'Copra- Byproduct' is still just Garbage that only finds Use as Fuel in Local "Dirty-Kitchens".

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    Never let other countries abuse it

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