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Im an american Going to the philipines for the first time. Any helpful tips ?

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    Read a lot of news regarding whats happening in the Philippines right now.

    But in general, here are some tips you really have to know:

    1. The Philippines is a tropical country, so it's hot and humid all day. Even during rainy days, which is almost year round too, it's hot and humid. There's only two season in the Philippines - dry summer and wet summer. Only a month of cool weather, which is between Christmas and February. But that's still in the 70F.

    2. Filipinos are really friendly to foreigners, but not without scammers. So don't trust much and always look out for your self. If there's someone you know (that you trust), stick with that person. It's good to know and trust other people, but always be careful.

    3. Prices on certain commodities are almost the same in the US (Starbucks, Subway, F & A) but generally are cheaper (especially the services). You can have a full body massage and spa for only $30 and it's already a high end service (so don't be fooled when they offer you higher prices).

    4. Transportation is easy, as you can grab a bus, a jeep, a taxi, or even a tricycle everywhere you go. Just don't go alone, go with someone you trust, so you won't be scammed (or worse).

    5. Filipinos are very religious. Although atheism and liberalism are gaining progress in the Philippines, still around 90% are Catholics. So be careful about offending their faith.

    6. Filipinos are emotional - they can be easily offended or be sensitive of almost anything. But they are easily amused also. They also love conversations. But if there's anything that you're not so sure about (how to response), just smile. Filipinos love happy feelings.

    7. Filipinos are generally conservative. You can hook up with some really good Filipinas, but be careful. Not all of them are easy. Filipinas just dressed like that because it's too hot in the Philippines, but most of them are conservative by heart.

    Source(s): Myself. A Filipino living in America
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    Really depends on what ur lifestyle is the philippines is very diverse. Manila is 24/7 night life. Resort islands everywhere. If your friendly try little fishing village 1, 000 pesos locals take u fishing all day. Throw a lechon party bout 10, 000 pesos do it. You will have an instant family uncles aunts brothers sisters cousins and and all night party. My advice if first time do not go angeles or cebu.till u have a little experience there. Manila I think is safest place I've ever been. The province get to know mayor if you can. He will make sure nothing bad happens. Always tell taxi to start meter. ALWAYS. :) my self I always like eating at the small canteens and stands. You will meet more people.

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    Manila Taxi drivers will double charge you every chance they get. Worst airport in the world Manila. Once you are out of Manila it is a great place to be. Most speak English of sorts. Dress light in shorts & short sleeve shirt is best bring sandles. The pavement get hot to walk on. Cotton is best to wear in light collors. Bring a hat with brim. Food is good here if you know what to eat. Use your nose make sure it is hot. Food spoils fast any were in the tropics. Talk to some expat groups before coming. If I knew what town I could advise better I live here 10 months a year. Tell the taxi drivers you are single if they ask they will try to find you a wife. Bring no drugs or try to find them here. Big No No. Look all over on the internet go to the area that sound best to you. It is a good place to be. Enjoy your trip. Do not give money to the beggers keep billfold in front pocket, never flash money, Only the very southern Philippines has kidnappings & such. I like in the south and no problem here. Further south yes.

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    If planning on using Credit Cards, ATM cards or Debit cards make sure you notify all your banks before you leave

    Do not flash cash

    Remember you are not in the states anymore do not expect things to be done the same way as they are at home and DON'T complain when things are different

    Stay out of bars, if you want a drink then drink in moderation at your hotel, the big cities are more dangerous then the country side

    If going to meet someone you met on the internet remember you are expected to pay for everything, (and no A V that is not the same as supporting the family after marriage)

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    Notify your bank what dates you will be traveling there, so you will be able to use your credit/debit card there. I would also suggest you wire yourself some money (Money Gram) in case of emergency. Money Gram locations are everywhere there. If you don't need it there, you can easily cancel it when you get back and get reimbursed. U.S. dollars are not easily exchanged for Philippine pesos, so I would take very very little cash.

    Taxis from airport or hotel are usually safe, but make sure it is a metered taxi or the price is negotiated before you drive away in one. If you flag down a taxi from the street, it is a good idea to make a fake phone call....i.e. "Hi Sarah, it's me. I'm on my way to ??? and I am in cab number ####. That way the driver (who understood everything you said) would never try any robbery or major scam, etc.

    Get out of manila and see other places. Each area has its own little niche that's worth seeing. If possible, have someone there travel with you.

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    First some info about your visa. When you arrive here you will get a FREE 30 visa stamped in your passport (which MUST have at least 6 months time remaining.It can easily be extended another 29 days. Go to ANY Philippine Bureau of Immigration for P3030 while you wait. After that you can extend every 2 months for up to 3 years.

    If you are planning on marrying someone you cannot take her back with you until you file for a visa in The USA (the process will take 9-12 months). I highly recommend hiring an Immigration lawyer BEFORE you come as he will give you the forms needed & tell you what you need to do.

    Bring some SP number sunscreen & use it.

    Drink only bottled water & don't eat street food

    Stay out of bars

    Keep a Filipino with you & let her do the buying & getting the lowest price.

    Be prepared to be the one that pays for everything.

    Notify your credit card company & your bank so those will be honored if you need to use then.

    Bring plenty of money maybe $2,000 for each month you are here.

    Better to stay out of big cities like Manila & Cebu.

    Check out this website for some good clips of life here.

    If you need more help feel free to contact me via my profile for some one on one help never a charge as I do this to help others.

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    Before you go to the Philippines, you need to visit these sites to read about how Filipinos behave and really act like:




    Also, if you are from a western country, especially if you are white guy, they'll automatically think you are a wealthy man even if you are a working class stiff back home. Pinoys will try to scam you out of your money such as the bullet scam at the airport committed by Philippine customs.

    Source(s): I'm a Filipino-American born and raised in the United States and encountered many F.O.B. Filipinos before.
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    Besides all of the above tone it down. Talk clearly but not loudly. Filipinos see loud voices as arrogant and aggressive so bear that in mind. Be prepared to wait. Everything there is on s-l-o-w, so don't be surprised it takes 15 minutes for a cashier to receipt a purchase and don't ever pay with a note larger than the price. Say an item is P50, handing over a P1000 note will have you standing forever waiting for change so just use small notes and if changing money at Banks or money changers avoid P1000 notes as they are impossible to spend at most places except high end stores in malls or at resorts. Don't be afraid to bargain with shop and stall holders. whatever price you are given first is the most high as you---are rich, oh yes just the fact you are a tourist means you are rich and you pay at least double for --everything not marked with a tag. So--bargain down every time and as you walk away they will call you back at your price. Be nice, say Hi or Kumusta to people Filipinos really appreciate friendliness so don't be shy to say Hi. Salamaat, ((thank you)) goes a long way there so use it. If you have to indulge yourself for heavens sake use a condom, you will catch a nasty souvenier if you don't. Dress --down you go out all flashy you will go back to your hotel a robbery victim and that is just about guaranteed so shorts, tee shirt and flip flops and not Nikes either just unbranded no name gear or again you might as well carry a sign saying ''Dumb Tourist -- Rob Me'' The all of a sudden new best pal you find materialises who can show you the ropes??? run a mile quick the other way from anyone who wants to be your newest best friend as he is a ''Fixer'' and all he wants is everything you own so be very careful with wonderfully kind strangers who offer to--help you. He is only only going to help himself to your money and camera and laptop--ok? Don't give money to anyone no matter the sob story you hear and you WILL hear them from everyone from the guy at Immgration as you land (the guy stamping my passport hit me for money !! true story) the guy at the hotel who carries ya bags and every other --guy--will try to tell you such a sad story you will feel sorry for him or her---DONT BE, it's all just a story. Getting as much money off a tourist is what Filipino tourism is all about so remember that. Have a nice time be polite don't be loud don't be flashy and don't be a mug giving money to all who ask for it --you wouldn't give away money to people with sob stories at home so why do it there?

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    Get used to seeing poverty wherever you go. Also, beggars with their hands out are EVERYWHERE, many of them not so obvious. Meaning, not only the homeless kids in the street asking you for change, but some people who seem to be friendly towards you are just looking for an angle to get what they can out of you: A free meal, some of the clothes you brought with you for your trip ("Can I keep this as a souvenir?"), or they'll invite you out for a good time and expect YOU to pay for everything.

    Filipinos are friendly but they value MONEY above all else, even family. It's a nation of bloodsuckers, and as an American they're going to automatically assume you're wealthy, which you probably are compared to them. Just be aware that any time someone is being friendly to you as an American, they're looking to get something from you.

    Source(s): American Filipino: Raised in the US, lived in the Philippines
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    Read books, check internet about the Philippines first. There are many beautiful places to see but you should know your itinerary beforehand. Traffic here, especially in manila is terrible so you might want to be conscious of your time and schedule. If you will visit Manila only, stay in Makati or Bonifacio Global City for safety. Watch out for scammers and dont be so trusting to anyone.

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