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Is the movie Frozen 3-D animation copied from pencil and paper?

Frozen is the biggest hit movie in history, therefore more popular than Shrek, which some would describe as old-fashioned clay-mation done with a computer, animation so poor people wouldn't go to see it unless it had big-name actors like Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy.

Clue - Frozen is not a Pixar movie. It's from the Walt Disney studio.

The Wiki for Frozen mentions only technical innovations for special effects. It says nothing about what's most impressive about Frozen - figures with nuanced facial expressions and body language that are exactly like classic Disney films of the 1950s.

A good example of what can be done with a pencil - one of the all-time favorite characters, Tinkerbell, is a mime, using only face and body to communicate. The animator who drew her was in a very real sense an actor who played the part.

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The Frozen characters, which are beautifully animated, look like they were done with either an ordinary pencil or a computer screen that shows pencil marks.

Below - someone put Frozen on You Tube and avoided the copyright problem by adding the music of an opera, The Magic Flute, which happily avoids Frozen's mediocre music.

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    5 years ago

    He ask is frozen greatest Disney animation but not how good it was or other thing about it... and I would say yes because the animation is so smooth , it's really beautiful and they get award for the greatest animation of all the time! so yeah if you say tangled I'm so sorry PS I still like tangled movie tho :P Oh and it's his/her opinion if the movie look great , great character , beautiful!

  • 6 years ago

    Biggest hit movie in history? Let us know when it grosses over $3 billion, like Gone With The Wind. Perhaps you meant something like "highest grossing ANIMATED film", or something less meaningful. I haven't seen it and don't know anyone who has.

  • 6 years ago

    I totally diagree with your assessment of Shrek.....I thought Shrek was excellent.

    and all these films these days, are no doubt, done in pencil on storyboards first........but the final animation is all computer generated these days.

    I read somewhere, that in the movie Brave.......they used over a MILLION keystrokes. *JUST* to do her HAIR, to get it to move like that.

    Over a million keystrokes.............just on her HAIR *alone*-

    Dragon Trainer 2, was truly impressive ------animation wise........

    and I thought The Lego Movie and Wreck It Raplh were Beyond brilliant.

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