Is it racism if a black man is afraid the first time he sees a white man ...?

... with feathers - and vice versa?

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That's a good point, Wayne. And many of us think that this fear can be overcome - if only because white music is so damn good that nobody can resist the temptation to dance to it.

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Update 2:

When feathered Papageno returns to where the princess is held captive, he says, "Am I not a fool? There are surely black birds. Therefore, why not black men?"

Update 3:

Birdgirl, I'm sure the feathered man would rely on some form of deception.

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1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    What if a white man looks out into his garden one evening and spots another white man dressed all in feathers trying to trap songbirds in a wooden cage?

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