Velvet Underground: guilty of sensationalism?

I'm asking this NOT to count the group's lovers and haters but to foster critical thinking. I once commented that a particular song on You Tube, despite its good points, was not one of the group's best, and it was hidden - marked as "spam"!

What I'm talking about is admiration versus fandom. I won't deny Lou Reed's genius for a moment, but I think some mistakes were made. I'd say that the Velvets acted more responsibly than the Stones, including SIR Mick Jagger.

Your opinions - guilty or not? "Not" includes insanity.

First, a number by the Sir Mick and the Stones. Mick, who is dating the Baroness Marianne Faithful, makes fun of a a social climber.

"Miss Amanda Jones"

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  • 6 years ago's 8 am, on News Years Morning..........

    ya know what I'm saying here?

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