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What is your opinion on some persons who hide their id after getting solutions against their questions?


I wish not to submit solutions to those whose id is not let known. But there are some persons who ask initially questions letting known their id. But on receipt of solutions and while finalizing their BA, they hide their id. This is just CHEATING the solvers. How Yahoo Board permits these? They should make a clear policy that once an solution is received, they can't hide their id.

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    It doesn't matter,as yahoo know who there ID and it don't stop them from being reported.

  • I tend not to answer "Anonymous" questions unless I'm pretty sure that it's not someone camping out behind the guise purely for innocent reasons.

    The concept for how the feature would be used was ok (ie for people to post personal questions they didn't want associated with their accounts or being able to disassociate them later if they then regretted them).

    The actual use (unsurprising to most of us) is that it's just another tool to empower trolls, spammers and the gutless wonders that want to insult another user without owning up to it with their own account........... sorry if that sounds harsh to any Anons reading in, but the vast majority of content I see posted by Anon has no other reason to be posted as Anon.

    So Yahoo permit this because there is a legitimate reason for the feature and I guess they feel there is no harm caused by someone changing their account to being an anon.

    Indeed I proposed that users should be able to have a setting which can be ticked to disallow anonymous answers to be placed on their question - either on a question-by-question basis or a general option on the profile but as you can see by the comment made by staff it went down like a lead balloon :))


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    Perhaps they want to hide the fact that they did not solve those questions themselves. Hence they want to remove all evidence to that effect.

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