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Chanel asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 6 years ago

I completely wiped my computer by advanced system restore. Now I keep getting PCHEALTHBOOST poping up. Does anybody trust this site.?

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  • Rich
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    6 years ago
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    you installed rogue program and it spawns more crapware /adware.. run thru this anti-malware guide


    days what is common are PUPs..potentially unwanted programs that gives adware that came in a bundle with something else.. .

    run adwcleaner and junkware removal tool .. you can get them here

    and then do additional cleanup with MBAM

    then go check your browsers for any "bad" extensions.. remove if possible.. if none are seen, and you still have adware in your browsers, then you'll need to reset your browsers.. (google on how to reset them)..and also set homepage and search engine defaults

    for virus / trojan detection that you can use in conjunction with any real time AV you have. these scan tools don't offer real time protection but are good removal tools

    online scanner from eset

    and / or kaspersky's avptool

    after it's cleaned out... install (into firefox) a popup blocker adblock plus, adblock edge and another addon called noscript. also while at malwarebytes, look at it's free anti-exploit as another form of protection

    check out Baidu

    top rated.... extremely fast install and scans... very low on cpu usage

    test results

  • 6 years ago

    PC Health Boost is scareware. It tells you that you have a bunch of problems which must be fixed and you have to buy their paid version to fix them. These are usually false error alerts.

    I don't think you wiped your system. I have no idea what you are seeing on your screen unfortunately. Advanced System Restore is a piece of software which claims to remove a bunch of stuff from your machine and fix things. I only find one review of it and that from a user on Cnet who said something like "Nothing was good". It has been up on Cnet's site since 2010 and gotten very little attention. If it was any good, there would be a lot more. IObit's Advanced System Care *is* a reliable piece of software.

    If you can get into Windows, click Start and type "system" into the little window. In the list of options which come up there, the third one down from the top should say something about "Restore system files and settings using a Restore Point." Use that option.

    Failing that, on a computer with the same version of Windows as you have, create a Windows Repair disk or flash drive. Boot from that. You will be given an option to perform a start up repair or a system restore - choose that option and implement a restore point from an earlier date.

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