Using ac/dc adapter original is 9volts 0.85amps. I replaced it with 9volts max 2amps one???

The device is adsl modem whose original adapter is rated at 9volts 0.85 amps(tp link). Last night it got electrical shock and I replaced adapter with universal one whose voltage is same as original and it can apply maximum of 2 amps. Will it be ok if i use with it??? Will there be any serious damange to modem modem is cost about 50usd so i dont want to waste.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The original adapter was 9v with max 0.85 amp output.

    The new one is 9v with max 2 amp output.

    The output current depends on the consumption of the modem. presume = to, or less than 0.85 amp.

    As "Colin" says there wont be any problem as long as the polarity of the output is correct for the modem.

  • 6 years ago

    a 2amp rated 9V is ok for a 0.85 amps if it is regulated. If not voltage may be higher at 0.85 amps. So look for the label and check whether it is regulated dc.

    the unregulated ones are cheaper as they just have a transformer plus four diodes (and sometimes a capacitor too). Check the voltage when no load is connected. It should be close to 9V if regulated. If not it could be 14V. [If it says 9V for 100 to 240 or 120 to 240, then it is a regulated adapter and you will have no problem, even if current drawn is only 0.85 amp, while rating of adapter is 2 amps. the unregulated ones give 9V at 2 amps load.

    Look at label on various adapters:

  • Colin
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    There will be no problem. 2 amps is the most the adapter *can* give, not what it will force down any load you give it.

    (Do check that you've got the polarity right, though.)

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