Bone density increase due to gravity?

Two planets planet A and B. Planet A is 10 times bigger than planet B which means gravit is 10 times stronger. Person living on planet A reaches to planet B. Both planets have human.

Since planet B has weaker gravity than planet A how would that person feel like landing on planet B and how would he be called by people of panet B. Superman?

I think he can break objects which people on planet B think too hard?

1 Answer

  • Steve
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    If A & B are the same density, and the Ma/Mb = 10,

    ga/gb = 10^(3/2) = 31.6

    If Ra/Rb = 10, ga/gb = 10^(9/2) = 31623

    So, The 'A' person will have much more relative strength than you have supposed, providing that both races started with the same genes and evolved in their respective gravitational fields.

    Source(s): g = GM/R² V = (4/3)π³ M = ρ*V
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