Naruto: hunt for Uchiha power, not Nine-Tail Fox?

In Naruto, why is it that everyone's after Sasuke's Uchiha power, yet don't even bother with Naruto's Nine-Tail Fox power?

The only hint of caring for his power was during the first mission, when someone messed with the seal. Other than that, there was no other sign of caring.

The Fox's power is also powerful, and unique. Sasuke and Naruto's power are somewhat the same in this idea of uniqueness: Sasuke's the last Uchiha, and there's only one Nine-Tail Fox, the one inside Naruto

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    How far have you watched? At some point a group of criminals is trying to kidnap Naruto for his power.

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    Ok, I'll try to explain you the thing...

    Naruto's Nine tail's vessel, and everyone know it in village as well as out of village. Including Akatsuki, when Naruto was 12 Itachi tried to capture (it turn out he was pretending to do so at that time.) Naruto for his nine tails, he said Akatsuki need him for the power 'inside' him.

    Where as Uchiha Sasuke, as you said everyone is after his power, but it's mostly Orochimaru you are talking about. Sharingan have unique ability to copy jutsu only by watching them, and Oro thought it will help him to learn all the jutsus in the world (which is his dream), so he chased after the young Uchiha.

    Both of them have been given equal amount of imortance, just because Oro was after Sasuke, and he was given more screen time doesn't mean village (or Kishimoto) didn't care about Naruto's powers. Naruto was sent to Myoboku(sp?) mountain to learn Sage jutsu so he can protect himself from Akatsuki and also to keep him safe from Pain's possible attack.

    There is a war going on just to protect his (and Killer B's) bujuu. And literally Naruto is the hero of village, and of Ninja allied shinobi force's too, he is fighting in war using his Nine tail fox.

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    To put it simply, there are 2 things that can control tailed beasts, wood style jutsu and the sharingan. It'd be alot easier to capture the ninetails if you have the sharingan.

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    Yo wth are you saying? Half of Naruto Shippuden (more than 150 episodes) is about a criminal organization that is more powerful than any single village pursing Naruto for his Nine-Tail Fox power.

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