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Do you like the new format of Yahoo in Q & A?

Since yesterday (30-Jan-2014) we are experiencing with another new format of Yahoo system. When the previous system was good and had lot of easiness of its operation, why this new format? And what is its necessity? Mainly it has disadvantage - As we type the lines, which are too short and discontinuity appears as it moves over to next line automatically. Especially with Maths system, I am finding it difficult to answer. As such I feel to refrain from answering. On my view it appears to be non friendly as that of old format. As well many have opined for old format only as seen from feed back column. So why Yahoo should not bring back old format.

Instead of wasting time on these, Yahoo Board can utilize there resources purposefully on other topics such as, Rating, Voting pattern - Introducing stringent eligibility criteria.


@ Yazmin - Thanks and fine of your answer. As you said on submitting it is as before only. But while typing the difference. May be in a text presentation this is not a problem; but definitely it poses lot of confusions. For example let us consider a Mathematical equation:

(1 + x + x²)⁻³ = (1 - x³)⁻³/(1 - x)⁻³ = {(1 - x)³}*{(1 - x³)⁻³} =

= (1 - 3x + 3x² - x³)*(1 + 3x³ + 6x⁶ + 10x⁹ + ...)

This type of equations, we need to be seen in one line, so that we can read them fully and not in two lines. But the present format is not so.

Update 2:

There is no PREVIEW available before submission as in previous. So only after submission we can fully read our material, consequently observed errors/omissions can be corrected only by edition, which becomes a remark.

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    While many people like the older format, I find the new one just fine, once I got used to it. It has many features we've asked for, loads quicker (for me, anyway) and isn't hard to figure out once you know where to look for things. I'm not sure what you mean about the lines being "too short", as for me, they are pretty much the same length as before.

    Yahoo is trying for continuity of design and functionality on all their sites, which is why they have made this change. While it still has some problems, those likely will be ironed out in the future, just as the problems with the old version were over time. Give it a chance; you may come to like it as well.

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    It really is terrible. I have been using "MY Yahoo" for 15 years, so guess it is time to leave. That is the only vote any of us have.

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    The old format is good. This new format is confusing.It is difficult for me to search even my questions and answers.

    @Edit: Thank you, sir.

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  • ឵឵
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    7 years ago

    I like the old one:)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    its alright i suppose.

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