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I am unable to read any of the mails coming in Indian languages either with Yahoo Mail or G Mail. Suggestion?

Generally I used to receive many mails in Tamil script both with Yahoo and GMail, which previously I used to read without any problem. But almost in the last 10 days, I am unable to read any of them. They all displayed with blocks only. This problem is also with my Face Book pages. As well I am unable to see any Tamil fonts either with home pages of Yahoo or Google. Kindly suggest what has to be done to restore the previous settings.

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    You must have some kind of browser add-on (look in browser settings) that allows you to read Tamil script. Either that add-on stopped working and/or it is out of date. Try installing a new addon or removing and then adding a new one which might fix it.

    Also, try clearing your browser's cache & cookies after that, as this certainly sounds like a browser problem.

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    i think ur browser may be old version or may be some tamil font get delete so reinstall all font and or browser

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    You can request the senders to send U english version.

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