How to block someones posts from the timeline on FaceBook?

I am not great with FB but what I want is to block a friend who puts a 1000 and 1 posts daily on FB timeline,you know that part you see when you open FB before going to your own area.I don't want to block him from contacting me,that is not the issue,just the timeline. Why? Because he puts useless,stupid little musings on there by the truck load,like a cat with a spaghetti bowl on its head or a picture of a shoe.


OMG! Thank you!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Go to one of their posts, when you put your cursor over it there will be a drop down menu that pops up in the corner of the post and click where it says unfollow the person. They will remain your friend on facebook but their posts wont clutter your timeline.

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