Can't ask a question on YouTube now?

Since they have forecd everyone into their new communist style Google+ mess,I can't place a comment.Now it says "Share your thoughts" instead of "Comment".Everytime I try to type something,a pop up window starts to open,sits there a few seconds,then it disappears and when I try to click on the box to type again the same window pops up and nothing happens.It just goes in a vicious circle.What can I do,is this a bug?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Here's the answer:

    When it comes to "Cookies'', YouTube and Google+ are 2 totally different websites;

    thus one is actually considered a 3rd-party of the other, whether you look at it from

    the YouTube point-of-view or the Google point-of view. What does this really mean?

    If you have "Block third-party cookies'' ENABLED -- or if you have ''Allow third-party

    cookies'' DISABLED -- then you will need "Exceptions" for both YouTube & Google;

    and how to do those are explained in this video:

    Google Chrome:

    link automatically starts at 1:20 - (play till 2:25)

    Youtube thumbnail


    Mozilla Firefox:

    link automatically starts at 3:30 - (play till 4:50)

    Youtube thumbnail



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