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Filipino food safety? And travel advice?

I really want to visit the Philippines for a a couple weeks because I want to experience the people/culture. My only worry is eating the food. My friend went there and really enjoyed it, but he ended up with a large tape worm in his intestines from something he ate I'm guessing. Are there any areas/foods/types of stores that I should avoid? And also, what would be a good area to visit, I am not into bars/partying.

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    Jony: A couple pieces of advice Drink only bottled water & don't eat at sidewalk vendors. I have been coming here since 2000 & retired here in late 2008 but have never heard of anybody getting a tapeworm.

    Stay away from Manila & the Mindanao area & you should be OK

    Be sure to eat some of the yellow mangos & the small bananas.

    Here is a good place to see life in the country. He has some great film clips.

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    I don't believe the tape worm story either, never heard of that before. However there are some parasites you could pick up in food or water, anywhere.

    Drink only bottled water, and food that is boiled or cooked well. Beware of ice cubes made from tap water; wet cups and dishes rinsed with tap water, and wet salad greens dripping with tap water. This is why plastic plates and spoons are often preferred.

    As a foreigner, it is best not to eat street food for at least 3 weeks, after your body has built up resistance to local bacteria.

    Most likely you will only develop mild diarrhea. .. which is common to most travelers to almost any 3rd world county.

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    Do not buy from street vendors. They may look delicious but they are dirty, especially the drinks. Buy your food from the super market or from food chains. Street foods are delicious but if your stomach is not used to Filipino street food, you may have a problem. Just try going to restaurants like Gerry's Grill, Yakimix (Japanese food), Kamay Kainan, etc. There's this café I saw on tv: 14 Four Café and they said it was a good place but never been there. You should try it, it's in Taytay.

    Um, go to Mall of Asia, Bonifacio Global City, Resorts World Manila, Enchanted Kingdom (amusement park).

    Or you can go someplace out of Manila. Like Tagaytay for buko pie, Taal Volcano and other attractions. Or go to Baguio (it's really cold there). Or Subic, Boracay or Palawan. if you like beaches and what not.

    Have fun in the Philippines!

    Source(s): I'm a Filipino.
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    Yup, me and my family have been to the Philippines 3x in the last 10 years, and we haven't had any kind of worm infestation.

    But yes, do be careful not to drink tap water or drink liquids with ice.

    The first time my son went there he got a bad case of stomach flu and we traced it to a drink he had at a restaurant high up in the mountains of Tagaytay. Yes, we forgot to tell the waiter, no ice.

    The succeeding times, we brought really high-octane stomach flu meds.

    Also only drink bottled/canned drinks preferably of the brands you know. Also be careful of sauces, dips, condiments, etc., especially the ones where you don't know who prepared it or where it came from.

    Other than that, just be sure to totally cook your food and you're good to go.

    Here, further reading:

    Enjoy your trip!

    Well of course, check with your doctor if you need certain shots before you go fly there. Depending on the time of the year and the locations you will be visiting, your doctor might recommend a few shots.

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    If you like Haagen-Dazs ice cream, eat a lot before you go.

    It's one of the few foods I've seen that cost more in the Philippines than in the US. When I was finally able to find some, it was US$10 a pint.

    They have chocolates, but sugar candies (e.g. Nerds, SweeTarts, etc.) are nearly impossible to find. In some areas, the sweetest things you can find are marshmallows.

    They have no idea what Pop Rocks are. I gave a girl a pouch of those, and she screamed and spit them out because she thought they had hatched into live bugs or something.

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    Vendor stall food is pretty safe. I have eaten it every one of my 16 trips there and NEVER been sick. I pick my ''stick'' and watch it cook. Thouroughly. I will not eat half cooked chicken skewers there, and have no worries telling the vendor to put it back on the coals for a bit longer. Pork I wont touch there. Go to any local market and see the meat sellers. Open stalls, no refrigeration, flies everywhere, dogs walking around, it's not pretty. Fish is great from the markets. Fresh that day and more often than not, still squirming. Take it home and cook it up. As I have had the luxury of not having to stay in resorts for years now, I love buying local seafood. Cheap as hell and good eating. Some replies have said only drink bottled water and I 100 % agree. Drink from the tap and you WILL suffer. That goes for ice as well. If served ice, ASK--is that made from pure or tap water. If tap water, don't have any.

    Tape worms are from all sorts of very bad disease and not generally from contaminated food . I have never heard of any tourist getting tape worms. Do what you would do at home--satisfy yourself about the food and eat it or not, but take precautions and also take --Immodium. Anyone going to the PI who doesn't have Immodium (anti diuretic) is nuts.

  • This food and safety tips was written for a Boracay-based website, bu this sure is applicable anywhere in the Philippines (or even the world). Hope this helps.

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    Drink bottled water, make sure your food is fully cooked. street vendors you really don't know how cleanly they are, their cooking oils might be old and not fresh. a lot of the food is great everywhere. I lived in Mindanao, it is a beautiful area. enjoy your experience there.

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    Don't go buying from the streets. But go for restaurants that serve filipino food.

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