4 star general Wesley Clark and Syria?

TO ALL WHO WANT TOO SEE THE TRUTH! Just type in these words in quotes on YouTube...."Leaked Documents show rebels behind chemical attack as US".......In this video,4 star U.S. General Wesley Clark clearly states that he spoke with another general 10 days after Sept,11/911 and that he was given paperwork stating that the attack on Syria was all part of a pre planned (Zionist) agenda from years ago.It 100% proves that this chemical attack means nothing.It was already planned just like Iraq,Lybia and Afghanistan,plus 4 more to go.


Too all Zionist trolls that haunt Yahoo answers like paranoid meth addicts,don't bother answering.Your time is coming.It is funny though,Zionists are the only people on earth that have to monitor the NET daily to see who all it is that globally hates them.That's sad!

Update 2:

To Indiana Jackoff. YouTube is only as credible as the video put on it you moron.The video is of General Clark and it is his face and his voice from a news talk program you ******* idiot.

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