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Iran threatens to Rape Obama's daughter. WTBloodyF?

Religion of peace, my fat, hairy, White A.R.SE.!

They are all madmen, potential madmen, madmen apologists, or just plain psycho. And I ain't just talkin' 'bout the Iranians!



I have fond memories of Persian students here in DC back during the time of The Shah. Georgetown, George Washington, and American Universities were full of them. I had many Persian friends, and we'd go to the clubs and discos. They were an educated, cultured urbane people. The men and the women both felt comfortable going out and dressing in Western fashions.

Then came your attack on our Embassy and held our staff hostage for 444 days. That began my disillusionment with Islam. Then 9/11 solidified it. I hope that one day the Iranians/Persians can regain some of the civility and modernity they once had. Of all the moslem countries, I think Iran has the most chance of regaining some semblance of civilisation.

But until then, I'm afraid all moslems must be my enemy.

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    Excuse me, but Obama right now is raping Syria and supporting terrorists to kill their people, so whats worse?

    It would be a taste of obamas own medicine if you ask me.

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    Iran is a country! A big country with a vast range of different people with distinct view points. Ghasem Soleimany is only one person.

    It is not wise to think that he is the advocate of all Iranians. If you followed the news you would have known that there is a huge gap between the ideas of the majority of Iranians and the policies of Iranian government. Nevertheless, different Iranian politicians have different policies. It is not justifiable to generalise such ideas to the whole nation.

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    I'm Iranian And Our People Aren't Brutal As He Says ...

    Qassem Soleymani is An Asshole , Don't Believe His Words .... And Iran Won't Rape Obama's Daughter (Don't Worry !) ...

    Peace ! ;)

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    We know how mad some of these people are. They must know they would not get within 100 miles of Obamas Daughter,but its not a very nice thing to say,said by people who aren't very nice people.

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    Obama and Kerry raped Syria, Libya, Egypt, Vietnam, etc.

    Obama launched many wars with his ridiculous Arab spring.

    Sickeningly he gassed children in Syria and his Al Qaeda raped.

    The USA is just a bunch of men with guns from 1773.

    Obama is MAD like Napoleon. We sank Napoleon in 1815.

    He is also a war criminal. We stop war criminals. NO hitler. NOBAMA.

    110,000 Syrians dead already by Obamacare.

    Talk about death panels.


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    Sorry - who is Obama's daughter?

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